Hurricane Julia Downgrades But Keeps Impacting Central America With Strong Winds And Floods

Hurricane Julia Could Potentially Travel Through The Pacific And Gulf Of Mexico

After forming into a hurricane in the Caribbean, Julia made landfall in Nicaragua on Sunday morning. After traveling through the rugged terrain of Central America, the hurricane was downgraded to a tropical storm.

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While Tropical Storm Julia has been continuing to lose strength, it has the potential to form a tropical depression and travel through the Pacific and Gulf of Mexico coasts. The storm could impact Guatemala and El Salvador.

Last week, Julia brought heavy rainfall to the southern Caribbean, causing heavy flooding in Venezuela. As the storm strengthened, it began to impact Nicaragua and the surrounding nations. These heavy rains could bring floods and mudslides to El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Belize, and southern Mexico.

The storm is expected to stay in the southwestern Gulf of Mexico this week, but there is the possibility of it evolving or changing paths. One theory is that the strong winds could shift the direction of the storm, steering it into the Atlantic Basin. If this change of course happens, the new storm would be named Karl.

Another possibility is that Julia will continue to travel along the Pacific coast, and another tropical storm could form using the leftover moisture and circulation from Julia. Should a new tropical storm form, it would be named Tropical Storm Roslyn.

This season has brought eighteen named tropical systems to the East Pacific Ocean Basin, but only two passed from the Atlantic basin to the Pacific basin. Additional tropical storms or hurricanes could form throughout the month of October.