Data Reveals 10 European Cities with the Most Pickpocketing Ahead of Summer 2024

Data Reveals 10 European Cities with the Most Pickpocketing Ahead of Summer 2024

Europe is home to some of the most iconic tourist hotspots in the world. Cities like London, Paris, Rome, Barcelona or Amsterdam are visited by millions every year.

Statistics show that these destinations have low levels of violent crime. However, they do have a share of phone grabbing, purse snatching, and lots of pickpocketing especially near tourist landmarks.

Data collected by insurance company have revealed the cities and places where more holidaymakers have fallen victim to pickpocketing.

Their research classified the most visited European destinations by the number of pickpocketing mentions in reviews of “each country’s top five tourist attractions.”

Results are somehow shocking. While many tourists will tell you that Barcelona and Paris are probably the cities with the highest number of pickpockets, it turned out that the city where most travelers have lost their belongings is actually Italy.

The impressive Colosseum, the stunning Trevi Fountain and the historical Pantheon in Rome, as well as the Duomo di Milano in Milan and the Gallerie Degli Uffizi in Florence, are the most targeted hotspots by thieves in Europe. 

Paris came in second and Barcelona came in third. Hard to hear but we all saw that coming.

“Iconic attractions like the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Trevi Fountain in Rome are particularly popular with pickpockets as they can move more inconspicuously amongst larger crowds,” said Greg Wilson, Founder and CEO of

In the eyes of thieves, tourists are regarded as easy prey because most of them are not familiar with local streets, carry large amounts of cash as well as cameras and other electronic devices and are not paying too much attention while having fun.

According to, these are the cities and places with the highest level of pickpocketing across Europe as of April 2024. 

Tips to Avoid Pickpockets in Europe

Armed robberies in European cities are very rare but make no mistake, pickpockets are out there waiting for you to make the smallest mistake to run away with your money and belongings. Follow these steps to enjoy a safer trip and avoid inconveniences.

  • Be aware of your surroundings at all times, especially at popular tourist landmarks or crowded places.
  • Don’t flash your money. Don’t make yourself a target.
  • Leave your jewelry and travel documents secure back in your accommodation.
  • Never leave phones, purses or other personal items unattended.
  • Don’t walk around with all your money and your debit and credit cards. Leave most of them in your hotel room.
  • Double-check with your insurance company what is or isn’t covered in case of robbery.