Dominican Republic Is Breaking Tourism Records Despite Recent Travel Warnings

Dominican Republic Is Breaking Tourism Records Despite Recent Travel Warnings

The Dominican Republic’s Ministry of Tourism has just released some surprising news. Tourism in the country is thriving, according to the latest data.

In May of 2023, 621,575 foreign visitors entered the country by air. This put the number of tourists for 2023 at a little under 3.38 million.

When the numbers for May 2023 are compared to May 2022, it is clear that tourism has increased substantially in the country. Tourism is up 11% to be exact, and it is up 18% from May 2019.

Moreover, there was a cruise in the Dominican Republic that housed about 136,374 passengers, which is a feat. This ship housed more tourists than any cruise ship from the country did in 2021 and 2022.  

The Dominican Republic Tourism Minister, David Collado, reports that there has never been such a lucrative month for Dominican Tourism. This boom does not seem to be ending, though, because it is projected that the country will see 7.9 million visitors in 2023.

About 52% of the country’s tourists are from the United States, so Americans are dominating the tourism industry in the Dominican Republic, but still, countries like Canada and Columbia contribute substantially as well.

It is unexpected that so many Americans are still traveling to the Dominican Republic considering the recent travel advisory. At the beginning of this month, there was a yellow flag-level two advisory put into place because of the country’s rampant crime and sexual assaults.

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Nonetheless, Americans are traveling to the Dominican Republic, and it is clear that tourists are interested in the natural attractions that the country has to offer.

The Ministry of Tourism in the Dominican Republic conducted a survey that revealed 57% of tourists engaged in activities outside of the resorts they stayed at. Visiting natural monuments, animal and wildlife sanctuaries, and scientific reserves were a few of the things visitors enjoyed.

As it is now summertime in America, we can expect tourism in the Dominican Republic to grow.