This New African Digital Nomad Hotspot Is Skyrocketing In Popularity

This New African Digital Nomad Hotspot Is Skyrocketing In Popularity

Marrakech has become a well-known digital nomad destination, ranking as the second most alluring location in Africa.

According to a report by, a leading provider of online resumes, Cape Town, South Africa, ranks first on the continent, followed by Marrakech, due to the high activity of digital nomads on Instagram.’s report highlights the current work patterns and preferred work locations of today’s remote workforce through an in-depth examination of thousands of Instagram photos with the hashtag #digitalnomad.

The report highlights how remote workers are looking for new and fascinating places to work from as the digital nomad culture has experienced a revival in the wake of the global pandemic.

Instagram posts were reviewed while ensuring that spam accounts and bots were removed from the dataset. Researchers were able to identify digital nomads’ favorite places by examining geotag information and references to countries in post captions.

The results of the analysis identified a number of key sites that have attracted digital nomads from around the world. With an incredible 20,556 Instagram posts using the hashtag #digitalnomad, London has clearly established itself as the global hub for digital nomads in Europe and beyond.

The presence of co-working spaces, reliable Internet connectivity and Marrakech’s thriving street art culture attract remote workers.

The study goes on to say that despite sporadic difficulties such as load shedding and brief power outages, Marrakech offers a desirable lifestyle at a reasonable price.