Hawaii Launches New Initiative To Combat Disrespectful Tourists

Hawaii Launches New Initiative To Combat Disrespectful Tourism

The Hawai’i Visitors & Convention Bureau has developed a new program to educate guests on how to have a more respectful stay. Mālama Hawai’i, which roughly means “taking care of Hawaii,” is the name of the organization.

This initiative is designed to welcome visitors rather than repel them. A chance for visitors to show that they can give back to this magnificent state instead of taking from it.

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Recommendations From Locals

Visitors should respect the locals and remember that they really are entering someone else’s home when they visit this gorgeous state. The only request is that visitors respect the beautiful state of Hawaii as if it were their own, be it the capital city of Honolulu or the picturesque island of Maui.

“Hawaii is NOT your amusement park”

Locals want visitors to understand that signs are posted for a purpose. No matter how picturesque a waterfall may be, it is better to abide by “no trespassing” signs. Without these signs, visitors could quickly destroy the natural wonders of Hawaii.

“Leave the beach nicer than you came”

Nobody likes to go to a dirty beach. That would be the exact opposite justification for spending money on a trip. Most people imagine crystal clear water, pristine sand and the sound of waves when they think of a beach vacation. Imagine the frustration of residents who have all of that in their backyard, only to have someone enter their property and completely disregard it.

“Support small businesses”

Hawaiians have so much pride in their history and give pushback to many corporations that set their sights on invading their homeland. One of the best ways to give back is to support the local economy rather than make the rich richer. 

  • Stay at a local’s property on AirBnB
  • Rent a car from a local on Turo
  • Visit a market to support local vendors
  • Avoid chain restaurants and eat local cuisine

“Please respect the wildlife”

Seeing Hawaii’s diverse wildlife is one of the nicest experiences you can have there. The problem is that some visitors cross the invisible line of getting too close to nature. Visitors should have a greater appreciation for what Hawaii has to offer, whether it’s seals, sea turtles or coral reefs. If not, they will not only face ridicule from the locals, but also a hefty fine that can run into the thousands of dollars.