How To Support Morocco After The Recent Earthquake – Where To Donate

How To Support Morocco After The Recent Earthquake - Where To Donate

Morocco is currently engaged in recovery operations following a catastrophic 6.8-magnitude earthquake that occurred late on Friday. This devastating event has resulted in the loss of over 2,100 lives, inflicted injuries on hundreds of individuals, and displaced numerous people from their residences.

The earthquake, with its widespread impact and destruction of hundreds of residences, took place in the renowned yet secluded High Atlas Mountains of Morocco, situated just southwest of Marrakech, as reported by Reuters. According to the World Health Organization, this natural catastrophe has had an effect on a total of over 300,000 individuals.

Although the search for earthquake victims is ongoing, you can help by donating to local groups that are assisting with reconstruction efforts.

Donations can be made to these groups in order to support relief operations.  


The organization has worked in Morocco for more than ten years and gives women and girls a priority in all of its efforts. CARE is striving to give survivors of the earthquake access to emergency water, food, shelter, and medical care.

Donate to CARE

Project HOPE

This organization promotes the empowerment of local medical professionals around the world. The organization has prepared to assist in the search and rescue efforts in Morocco with “our local partners who have deployed emergency health workers, a surgical rescue unit and ambulances.”

Donate to Project HOPE

Doctors Without Borders

The group provides medical assistance to everyone in the world. The organization sent teams to the country after the earthquake to assess needs and provide medical aid. Doctors Without Borders was not well-established in the country before the earthquake.

Donate to Doctors Without Borders


The organization, founded by the United Nations, provides assistance to families and children around the world. The team is ready to help in Morocco with emergency measures such as shelter, clean drinking water, health and medical assistance, food and nutritional aid, and psychosocial support.

Donate to UNICEF

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International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

This network of assistance organizations is on the ground helping with search and rescue operations, providing first aid, psychosocial support and transporting injured people to medical facilities. To date, the organization has disbursed 1 million Swiss francs (or $1.12 million) from its Disaster Relief Emergency Fund to the Moroccan Red Crescent to help purchase essential supplies on the ground.

Donate to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies


This organization has established a Morocco Earthquake Relief Fund to support other regional organizations working on the ground. The fund will provide survivors with everything they need, including food, drink, medicine, shelter and short-term housing.

Donate to GlobalGiving

World Central Kitchen

World Central Kitchen, founded by celebrity chef José Andrés, is currently using helicopters and all-terrain vehicles to reach disaster areas to distribute sandwiches, fruit and water. To provide additional support in the form of food trucks and cooking equipment to ensure survivors have access to fresh meals, the organization is also mobilizing teams from Spain.

Donate to World Central Kitchen

The Intrepid Foundation

This organization, created by tour operator Intrepid Travel, helps vetted local partners around the world. To provide food, water, shelter, medical assistance and other necessities to victims in Morocco, the organization has partnered with two local groups, the High Atlas Foundation and Education For All.

Donate to The Intrepid Foundation