Is La Paz, Mexico Safe? Travel Advisory 2023

Is La Paz, Mexico Safe? Travel Advisory 2023

Is La Paz a safe place to visit? According to visitor reports and official crime statistics, La Paz is one of the safest places in Mexico for tourists. We’ll focus on those numbers and offer some safety tips here.

The unforgettable natural beauty, thrilling activities, friendly people, and affordability make La Paz, Mexico an attractive option for travelers with a sense of adventure.

Situated along the coastline in Baja California Sur, the city of La Paz is also known as a laid-back place that offers unsurpassable eco-tourism opportunities.

The shops and restaurants on the Malecon seaside boardwalk are often brimming with both locals and tourists. However, the city as a whole is rather quiet with minimal crowds.

There are so many reasons to experience this glorious area, but travelers are often hesitant to go with concerns about safety.

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May 19 – La Paz Launches QR Code Technology To Help Keep Tourist Drivers Safe

Using the latest technology, La Paz makes it easier for cars visiting the area to understand local traffic rules.

Drivers need only pull out their cell phones and scan the code to learn more about the various driving restrictions in Mexico, and La Paz in particular.

The QR code opens a link to a page with information for drivers on traffic and driving laws in La Paz, available in both Spanish and English.

The handy guide also includes advice on how to access driving services and drive safely in La Paz.

March 28 – The U.S. State Department recommends nationals to exercise increased caution when traveling to these areas

Due to high crime rates and the risk of kidnapping in some areas, the State Department advises Americans to exercise increased caution when traveling to these 17 regions of Mexico.

“Those states are Aguascalientes, Baja California Sur (where Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo, and La Paz are located), Chiapas, Coahuila, Hidalgo, Mexico State, Nayarit, Nuevo Leon, Oaxaca (home of Oaxaca City and Huatulco), Puebla, Queretaro, Quintana Roo (where Cancun, Cozumel, Tulum, and Riviera Maya are located), San Luis Potosi, Tabasco, Tlaxcala, and Veracruz.”

Is La Paz, Mexico Safe?

There’s no denying that some parts of Mexico are considered more dangerous than others. Yet, this sentiment can be said for many cities and countries in the world.

Fortunately, La Paz is not one of them and is considered to be a rather quiet and peaceful fishing town that is safe for both travelers and locals alike. According to Travel Mexico Solo, La Paz is one of the safest places to visit in Mexico in 2023.

The local government focuses strongly on creating the community safer as a whole and keeping it that way. La Paz police keep a watchful eye on the operations of beach vendors and patrol the streets and local businesses.

Their presence alone helps keep the city’s crime rates relatively low. In general, visitors will only need to be mindful of petty theft and street-side or vendor scams that are common in most tourist cities. The key here is to know a few safety facts and tips when visiting La Paz, Mexico.

Important Safety Facts About La Paz

Let’s go a step further beyond answering the question, “Is La Paz safe to visit?” with a few evidentiary statistics.

The level of crime in La Paz is low, with a rating of 32.43 according to the source Numbeo. This is very modest compared to the very high 78.09 and 80.00 crime rates of the tourist cities of Mexico City and Acapulco respectively.

Another perk for visitors—especially those traveling solo or with youngsters—is that the city boasts an 89.19 safety rating for walking alone during the day. Statistics at night dive to 72.97, and even this factor is low compared to most travel destinations across the globe.

Even though La Paz is relatively one of Mexico’s safest cities, there are some key ways to minimize the chances of running into any crime or safety issues during a stay there.

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Safety Measures To Keep in Mind When Traveling in La Paz

In general, it’s a good idea to follow the same protocol as one would when traveling anywhere, whether it be a domestic or overseas location. Some smart, preemptive tips include:

  1. Share vacation plans with friends and family at home, and provide them with an itinerary and key contact information.
  2. Be extra cautious when heading out alone, and send traveling companions your GPS location should you get separated when exploring as a group.
  3. Be extra cautious when going to clubs, bars and casinos.
  4. Avoid wearing expensive clothing, jewelry or flashing money when in public.
  5. Find a discrete place to stash cash besides wallets and purses to prevent getting pickpocketed.

Is La Paz, Mexico Worth Visiting?

Whether the agenda is relaxing on a sandy beach, enjoying ecologically responsible adventures, partaking in authentic Mexican food or simply exploring a culturally unique city, La Paz is well worth visiting.

Essentially, La Paz is safe for both families and solo travelers seeking a quiet, seaside destination in Mexico that is both safe and affordable. Anyone with their sights set on this region, should definitely give this safe and friendly city consideration.