Is Tijuana Safe? Travel Advisory 2024

Is Tijuana Safe? Travel Advisory 2024
Is Tijuana Safe? Travel Advisory 2024

Tijuana is recognized as one of the most dangerous cities in Mexico. The U.S. State Department dissuades travelers from visiting and recommends precautionary measures for those who plan to do so. To minimize risks, travelers should choose accommodations in neighborhoods identified as safe.


A Tijuana, Baja California, municipal police intelligence officer was seriously injured after being hit by multiple gunshots in his car last Saturday.

The attack occurred on Johnson Avenue and was captured on video. In the images, the attackers can be seen getting out of a car and starting to shoot at a couple of officers from the Tijuana State Bureau of Investigation.

Seconds later, the attackers flee the scene, with one of the killers being fatally wounded.

In the almost one-minute video, the two agents can be seen taking cover from the gunfire and reacting to the attack with their service weapons until the attackers’ vehicle moves a few meters away and they are able to take cover.

Tijuana, Mexico
Tijuana, Mexico

U.S. Travel Advisory

Baja California state (Tijuana) – Reconsider Travel

Reconsider travel due to crime and kidnapping.

In the border region, transnational criminal groups compete to set up routes for the smuggling of humans and drugs. Gang activity and violent crime are widespread. Avoiding remote areas and staying on major highways is advised for travelers. The high rate of homicides in Tijuana’s non-tourist areas is especially concerning. Kidnapping has affected both LPRs and citizens of the United States.

Essential Tips for Staying Safe in Tijuana

  • Acquire basic Spanish language skills
  • Consider using both “Uber” and “DiDi” for reliable taxi services
  • Refrain from hailing random cabs off the street
  • Obtain a Mexican SIM card for your communication needs
  • Be aware of emergency contact numbers: 911 for police, 066 for ambulances, and 080 for fire services
  • Choose accommodations from reputable hotels, hostels, apartments, or guesthouses
  • Avoid wearing luxurious jewelry
  • Refrain from walking alone at night
  • Never leave food or beverages unattended
  • Avoid excessive alcohol consumption