Isla Mujeres, The First Place With Already Seaweed-Free Beaches In The Mexican Caribbean

Isla Mujeres, The First Place With Already Seaweed-Free Beaches In The Mexican Caribbean

Since July, Isla Mujeres has recorded very low sargassum levels. Unlike other places in the Mexican Caribbean that struggle with excessive amounts of seaweed, this tropical island has been able to keep the algae in check.

Isla Mujeres beaches have little to no sargassum, according to the most recent report from Quintana Roo’s Sargassum Monitoring Network on sargassum levels in the Mexican Caribbean. The eastern part of Cozumel and the Riviera Maya beaches, on the other hand, reported excessive quantities of macroalgae.

The key to Isla Mujeres’ superb coastal cleaning is leveraging societal and governmental cooperation.

Antonio Delgado González, the island’s environmental director, provided a statement to the travel publication Reportur in which he stated: “when there’s a will, there’s a way, and when we join forces we can achieve greater results.” As a result of the island’s heightened efforts, including hiring more seasonal cleaners, workers have successfully removed any sargassum that happened to find its way to the island’s beaches.

Playa Centro

In the coming months, sargassum concentrations are expected to steadily decrease throughout the Mexican Caribbean. The sargassum season begins in March and lasts through the end of September. Sargassum-free beaches are never too far away, as cleanups are conducted regularly.

The absence of sargassum on beaches on Isla Mujeres is not the only positive news for beachgoers. Two of Isla Mujeres’ top beaches were recently awarded the coveted Blue Flag accreditation, after losing it for more than a year.

Unquestionably, Playa Norte is the most visited beach on the tropical island and consistently ranks among the best beaches in Cancun and in the world. This public beach, located on the island’s northernmost point, is open all year long. Visitors will discover a variety of pubs, restaurants, and activities close to the paradise-like beach, which is just a short stroll from the boat station.

Playa Centro has also received the Blue Flag honor this year. Even though it’s calmer and a little bit smaller than Playa Norte, this white-sand beach is just as lovely. In addition to ordering cocktails from the several local pubs in the area, tourists can rent umbrellas and chairs from neighboring service stations.

The prestigious Blue Flag certification is a worldwide initiative to recognize beaches that meet the highest standards for cleanliness, environmental protection, water quality and safety.