Los Cabos Christmas Hotel Occupancy Of 88% Drives Avg. Rates To $550/Night

Los Cabos Reaches Hotel Occupancy Of 88% At Christmas

Lilzi Orcí Fregoso, Executive President of the Los Cabos Hotel Association, emphasized that the robust demand in the destination has driven average nightly rates to exceed $550. This positions Los Cabos among the top-ranking tourist destinations in the country in terms of pricing.

“We are expecting an occupancy of around 88% for this Christmas on the 24th and 25th. 88%, 87%, we hope that they are in all the hotels throughout the municipality, not just in Cabo San Lucas, but in the entire Tourist Corridor and San José del Cabo, in addition to an average rate greater than $550.”

In terms of the municipality’s areas with the highest hotel occupancy, Lilzi Orcí Fregoso, a spokesperson for the hotel sector, noted that the Tourist Corridor, Cabo San Lucas, and San José del Cabo all maintain a relatively equal distribution of tourists in their respective hotels. However, Cabo San Lucas stands out slightly ahead, surpassing the other areas by a margin of two to three percentage points.

“The three zones are very balanced as we divide them in terms of occupancy, they manage almost the same occupancy, each one fluctuates between two or three percentage points in terms of occupancy, with Cabo San Lucas being the one with the highest occupancy. In Cabo San Lucas the occupancy is around 89%.”

Throughout 2023, the Datatur Monitoring System furnished comprehensive insights into hotel occupancy across diverse tourist destinations. Among the standout locations, Akumal led the pack with an impressive 84.9% occupancy rate, followed closely by Playacar at 83.8%. Cabo San Lucas secured the third position with a solid 79.6% occupancy rate, followed by Nuevo Nayarit at 76.2%, Cancún at 76.1%, and Puerto Vallarta at 74.6%. These statistics underscore the robust tourism demand observed in several regions of the country during the first eight months of the year.

Los Cabos Gearing Up To Be A Leading Luxury Travel Destination For 2024

Los Cabos is gearing up for yet another bustling year, primed to serve the discerning luxury-seeking travelers. While Los Cabos remains a thriving international travel hub, it predominantly draws visitors from the United States and Canada.

In the year 2024, the destination will witness the grand openings of several pristine resorts. Among these, esteemed brand names such as Grand Hyatt and Four Seasons stand out.

Over the next few years, Los Cabos has ambitious plans to introduce a total of 21,000 new hotel rooms, with approximately 2,100 of them currently in the construction phase.

Featured Image Credit: Four Seasons Resort Los Cabos at Costa Palmas