Bali Airport Surpasses Predictions With Record Christmas Passenger Surge

Bali Airport Surpasses Predictions With Record Christmas Passenger Surge

Bali Airport experienced an unexpected surge in passenger numbers during the Christmas countdown, specifically on the preceding Saturday (December 23). This exceeded earlier predictions. Analyzing the data from the opening of the Christmas and New Year Command Post up to that Saturday, it became evident that Saturday had witnessed the highest volume of passenger services.

According to Handy Herryudhitiawan, the General Manager of the Airport, a total of 38,042 domestic passengers were accommodated, with arrivals dominating at 21,509. Additionally, the airport served 37,198 international passengers, with 20,753 being incoming travelers. Initially, Handy had anticipated peak passenger volumes for Christmas at 35,000 for domestic passengers and 32,000 for international passengers.

Notably, the airport typically handles an average of 28,000 domestic passengers and 30,000 international passengers daily. Therefore, on the eve of Christmas (December 23), a remarkable milestone was achieved with a total of 75,240 passengers in a single day.

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“On the first day (Posko Natal) December 19, 60,001 passengers were recorded, the next day December 20 increased to 62,610 passengers, the third day December 21 reached 65,941 passengers, and the fourth day December 22 73,377 passengers, which also exceeded our predicted peak of passenger movements. “72,754 passengers, or 0.8 percent above predictions,” said Handy.

On the eve of Christmas (December 23, 2023), the upsurge in passenger numbers at Bali Airport was accompanied by a substantial increase in aircraft traffic. Bali’s skies witnessed a total of 252 domestic aircraft movements and 195 international aircraft movements on that day alone. When cumulatively counted since the opening of the Christmas Post, the period from December 19 to December 23, 2023, saw a total of 2,097 aircraft movements, facilitating the transportation of 337,169 passengers over five days.

Among the various routes, the busiest proved to be the Jakarta route, with 18,368 passengers, followed by Singapore, accommodating 8,104 passengers, and Surabaya with 5,862 passengers.