Los Cabos Sets New Tourism Record With Unprecedented Number In 2023

Los Cabos Sets New Tourism Record With Unprecedented Number In 2023

Fernando Ojeda Aguilar, the Undersecretary of Tourism for the state, has announced that in 2022, the region welcomed a total of 4.1 million air travelers. As the year draws to a close, there are expectations that this number will be surpassed, with projections indicating that the figure could reach as high as 4.5 million passengers via the same route.

“This means a great achievement, a great challenge at a time when we, of course, have all the destinations in the world where there is more competition, but closing with good numbers is the most important thing because that is where the rest for next year emerges, we are very happy.”

LOW 1000

He pointed out that the significant catalyst for tourism influx to this region has been the hosting of gastronomic and sporting events. One noteworthy example is the historic Baja 1000 race, which, for the first time, commenced in La Paz. In this recent event alone, a 100 percent increase in hotel occupancy was observed, as thousands of individuals from various states across the world flocked to the city.

He mentioned that Score International, the organizer of this globally acclaimed race, has contemplated Baja California Sur as a potential location for a unique Baja 1000 circuit within the state. They anticipate that negotiations for such an event of significant scale may commence at the beginning of the year. This event could further enhance the destination’s visibility and appeal.

“We are waiting for Score to analyze how this race went for them as a company, it was a success in every sense and they will be analyzing the best route because it would be a circuit within the state, I suppose that by the beginning of the year We are going to sit down and organize with the company this possibility of making a local product that will certainly be successful.”

Hotel Occupancy

Just days before the year’s end, the official revealed that hotel occupancy currently hovers between 80 and 85 percent. Projections indicate that by the close of 2023, it could surge to as high as 90 percent, particularly in December, which marks one of the peak seasons for the arrival of foreign tourists. He emphasized that this region stands as one of the country’s premier tourist destinations.

“Baja California Sur maintains an annual average of 70 percent occupancy, it is above the national average which is 56 percent, so this positions us among the most important sun and beach destinations after Cancun, Riviera Maya is Los Cabos then Puerto Vallarta in international air passengers.”

Area Connectivity

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As for air connectivity, he outlined plans for 2024, emphasizing the ongoing efforts to establish connections with additional international destinations. In the case of the municipality of La Paz, negotiations are underway with airlines, and there is hopeful anticipation that, through Volaris, a flight to Los Angeles will materialize next year. While finalization by the airline is pending, the prospects appear promising.

Simultaneously, endeavors are being directed towards burgeoning markets. Notably, the objective is to further solidify ties with the European market by sustaining the Madrid flight into its third season, a route that has enjoyed considerable success.

In light of the recent visit by the Guatemalan Ambassador to Mexico, Marco Chicas Sosa, it was announced that discussions took place between the Ministry of Tourism and the embassy regarding the possibility of establishing routes connecting with this destination. Substantial interest has been expressed by the neighboring country in this regard.

“We have a Cancun – San José del Cabo flight and that would be the main route to connect back and forth with Guatemala. We believe that all the connections that we can take advantage of to expand new markets are as important as those we already have and work to not being dependent on just one, we are diversifying.”

Lastly, he underscored the concerted effort being made to enhance the destination’s appeal through cultural, rural, and sports tourism. The objective is to offer more than just sun and sand, ensuring that travelers from around the world are aware of the diverse range of experiences available in Baja California Sur during their visit to this region.