Mérida Aims For 70% Hotel Occupancy This Christmas

Mérida Aims For 70% Hotel Occupancy This Christmas

The Economic Development and Tourism Director of Mérida Council, José Luis Martínez Semerena, predicts that Mérida will once again have a high number of visitors this Christmas.

The council official explained that hoteliers began to record positive figures this week, so it is expected that December will end with hotel occupancy rates of 60 and 70 percent, just in Mérida.

“Mérida begins to light up with more Christmas decorations after the end of White Night and the Panucho Fair. We expect an increase in hotel occupancy between 60 and 65 percent and even up to 70 percent,” he said.


He clarified that, as a result of cancellations in Guerrero state due to the aftermath of Hurricane Otis, tourists are now inquiring about information for new reservations in Mérida. “We anticipate a city bustling with tourists throughout the year-end closure,” he added.

To this end, the company ADO has set up six new routes for regional tourism. In addition, the company expects 320,000 passengers during this month, “so we hope that it will be a great end of the year in terms of tourism.”

Magical Neighborhoods

Furthermore, Martínez Semerena affirmed that the City Council aims for the participation of five Mérida neighborhoods in 2024, providing them with the opportunity to be chosen as Magical Neighborhoods.

“We will continue to work on the nomenclature issue that exists in the neighborhoods. We will have to wait for the Ministry of Tourism to open the call for new Magical Neighborhoods. We have already prepared the other dossiers. The General Council will decide which of them will be a Magical Neighborhood.”