Ontario’s TOP 3 Scenic Fall Road Trips For Spectacular Foliage

Ontario's TOP 3 Scenic Fall Road Trips For Spectacular Foliage

Embarking on scenic road trips through Ontario in the autumn provides a unique fusion of natural splendor and the vivid transition of the season. The landscape is adorned with a stunning array of fall colors, casting a picturesque canvas of reds, oranges, and yellows. The brisk, refreshing air makes it an ideal time for road travel. Exploring the charming countryside, idyllic towns, and rural vistas in Ontario offers a special chance to fully immerse in the essence of the season.

These three locations in Ontario will allow you to fully appreciate the splendor of fall.

Algonquin Provincial Park

Algonquin Provincial Park in the fall is simply magical. There are thousands of lakes, rugged ridges, and vast forests. Sugar maple and red maple trees abound in the park, and their leaves are stunning. Once the maple trees change color, the aspens, tamaracks, and red oaks also begin to show their stunning fall foliage. There are several routes to choose from and the drive from Toronto to Algonquin takes about three hours. Bring your sense of adventure and good footwear, as the only way to explore the interior of the park is by walking or paddling.

Muskoka Lakes

The community of Muskoka Lakes, known for its untamed beauty, has parks, beaches, hiking trails and other natural treasures. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for the famous Muskoka chairs. The drive to Muskoka Lakes takes about two and a half hours from Toronto. While you’re there, Peninsula Road between Port Carling and Rosseau is a great drive in the fall. Admire the reflections of the trees in the water and the red, yellow and orange foliage. As you drive past Lake Joseph and Rosseau, you may see old Muskoka homes and boathouses.

Peterbourough & The Kawarthas

A popular fall road trip destination in Ontario is Peterborough and the Kawarthas. It takes a little more than 1.5 hours to drive there from Toronto and more than 3 hours from Ottawa. Families, friends and couples can enjoy exciting activities in this beautiful and energetic place. 

If you want to spend the weekend here, this natural wonderland is the starting point for popular cottage resorts, making it even more remarkable in the fall. Among the many beautiful rides you can take is a route called Turn Over A New Leaf. The 64-mile (103 km) ride begins at the Peterborough Lift Lock, a well-known destination and National Historic Site of Canada located on the Otonabee River of the Trent Canal.