Work Begins On The Maya Train Connection To Cancun Airport

Work Begins On The Maya Train Connection To Cancun Airport

Construction has started on what will be one of the most important transportation hubs for travelers to the Mexican Caribbean.

In December, the Maya Train terminal at the Cancun International Airport should be complete and within six months the train should be transporting travelers seamlessly to Cancun and other vacation destinations throughout the region.

All Aboard the Maya Train

The ambitious Maya Train program will link most of the tourist centers in the Mexican Caribbean with the Yucatan and other areas to make more of the region accessible to travelers from all over the world.

A 1.6-kilometer line will probably be the busiest and most appreciated by visitors to Cancun as it will connect Cancun International Airport and the main train line.

Known as the epicenter of tourism in the Mexican Caribbean, it will streamline transportation needs for visitors and provide a more sustainable method of getting between the tourist zone and the airport.

It is one of the emblematic construction and redevelopment projects of the administration of Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Ultimately the Maya Train will connect with Merida to the west and Puerto Morelos, Playa del Carmen, Tulum and Bacalar to the south. It will also extend further west into the eastern portion of the State of Chiapas.

It will be operated by the Mexican Armed Forces.

Delays on Highway 180-D

For those visiting Cancun and other vacation destinations in the next six months, the traffic along Highway 180-D will be a little bit of a headache as the construction progresses.

The construction company handling the work is also taking the opportunity to improve the road for local visitors at the same time that the train construction is being completed.

What is taking the most time with the project is the construction of a bridge which will take six months to complete.

During the project, engineers elected to keep the road open to serve visitors to the Mexican Caribbean. 

Travelers can expect that there will be lane reductions at times and slower speeds than usual to keep the workers on the project safe from accidents.

The construction in the meantime will definitely be causing some headaches and delays for travelers trying to get to and from the airport for their flights.

However, in the long run it will be a great benefit to visitors coming for a vacation getaway to the beach resort destination.

Tulum Airport Connection

The new Maya Train is also expected to connect with the new Tulum International Airport in Tulum which will open in December.

It will make travel north to locations such as Cancun, Puerto Morelos and Playa del Carmen much easier for travelers to Tulum.

Several United States airlines, such as Delta Airlines and Spirit Airlines, have registered their intent to fly to the new airport in Tulum, according to local officials.

Tips For Travelers

It may be a headache right now, but the construction progressing along Highway 180-D to the Cancun International Airport will actually provide convenience and options for vacation travelers to the Mexican Caribbean.

Until the road construction is complete, travelers should plan for some extra time needed to get to and from the airport to make the necessary flight connections in a timely fashion.

The Maya Train ultimately will make it convenient to fly to the local airports in the area and create an easy and accessible way to get around the entire region without the need for long-distance driving.

The ambitious project by Mexican President López Obrador will definitely change the way tourists think about getting around and visiting day-trip locations across the entire Mexican Caribbean region and beyond.

The exact prices for fares and other ticket charges have not been announced.