Record-Breaking 1.2M Visitors In The Mexican Caribbean During Easter Weekend

Record-Breaking 1.2M Visitors In The Mexican Caribbean During Easter Weekend

Over the Easter weekend, the Mexican Caribbean saw a huge spike of tourists as more than 1.2 million arrived throughout the state for the holidays.

According to officials, 1,266,373 tourists will spend the Easter holidays in the state which is a 4.2 percent increase from the same Easter period in 2023.  

Due to the amount of visitors traveling over the holiday period, the government strengthened its security to protect tourists. From boots on the ground, more than 2,000 members of SSC, to other surveillance measures, tourists traveled more safely than in prior years to visit the stunning beaches of the area. 

Throughout the weekend and up until April 7, 2024, three levels of government worked together to put in place three service modules across North, Central and Media Luna beaches, to respond immediately to any reported incidents. 

Along with the surveillance measures, the government announced that the Civil Protection hotline 99 88 77 01 06 is permanently available for any eventuality or emergency situation that may arise,

This news is an addition to the boost of tourists coming to the newly inaugurated Tulum International Airport (TQO) which saw its first direct flights from the United States. Designed to handle more than 5.5 million travelers per year, the airport was built to withstand heavy inbound tourist traffic.

Starting on March 28, 2024, American Airlines flights from Charlotte, Miami and Dallas-Fort Worth flew to Tulum twice a day, while Delta Airlines started flying from Atlanta. On March 31, 2024, United Airlines flights from Newark, Los Angeles, Houston and Chicago O’Hare began arriving at Tulum as well.

In June JetBlue will also start flying directly to Tulum and other international carriers such as Air Canada (from Toronto and Montreal), Discover Airlines (from Frankfurt) and Copa Airlines (Panama) are planning to start operations in Tulum over the next few months.