Study Reveals American Cities With Highest Airbnb Fees

Study Reveals American Cities With Highest Airbnb Fees

Despite the fact that Airbnb has become a mainstay in the vacation rental industry and may offer a more affordable choice for some accommodations, a recent study demonstrates how additional fees can add up across the U.S.

Atlanta has the highest average fee added to the nightly rate, at a staggering 48 percent, according to a Forbes Advisor study. Phoenix came in second with 47% and Fort Myers Beach, Florida, third with 46%.  

The research examined 32,000 rental listings for July 2023 in the top 100 Airbnb markets. The average cleaning fee is $160, and customers typically must pay an additional 36 percent of the stated nightly rate.

Cleaning costs can exceed $300 in some areas, such as Telluride, Colorado, where the cost is $313. According to the research, five of the top ten cities in the nation with the highest cleaning fee percentages are in Florida.

Cleaning costs typically account for 11% of the overall bill, followed by service charges at 15% and taxes at 10%.

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Travelers can save more money on short-term rentals in some locations, such as New York City, where total add-on fees account for only 23% of the nightly rate, and Santa Barbara, California, where total add-on fees account for only 24% of the nightly rate.

The issue of Airbnb fees has long been controversial. Last year, the company announced it would increase price transparency by introducing a feature to show total costs, including expenses such as cleaning and service fees. in 2019, Airbnb rolled out a similar total price strategy in some markets, including Europe and the United Kingdom. In addition, Australia, Canada and Korea offer total prices.