These 3 beaches have the best NYE fire dance performances in Seminyak Bali

These 3 beaches have the best NYE fire dance performances in Seminyak Bali

As the festive season of Christmas and New Year draws near, the anticipation for the long holiday grows. For those planning a trip to Bali, particularly the Seminyak area, you’re in for a treat with stunning beaches and special fire dance events to mark the celebrations.

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Petitenget Beach

Located on Jalan Petitenget in Seminyak, Badung, Bali, is another gorgeous beach close to Kuta Beach. It shares the same coastline as Kuta and is known for its big, challenging waves, perfect for surfing.

The beach’s spectacular sunset views are a major draw, attracting numerous visitors every afternoon, including foreign, domestic, and local tourists.

Double Six Seminyak Beach

Nestled in Seminyak Village, is a perennial favorite among tourists, both local and international. Thanks to its strategic location, sharing the same beautiful coastline as Kuta and Legian Beaches, it’s always bustling with visitors.

Here, you can relax on bean bags, savor the sunset, indulge in culinary treats, and capture these moments with your camera. The beach is known for its fine, soft white sand, making it perfect for leisurely strolls along the shore. Visitors can enjoy breathtaking open sea views and the soothing sea breeze.

The beach is also ideal for beach volleyball, thanks to its fine, soft sand and gentle land contours. In the afternoons, it’s common to see surfers riding the waves before sunset. A must-try local culinary highlight is the blue tent meatballs at Double Six Beach. New Year’s Eve here is particularly special, with regular events like fireworks and fire dance performances that are free for visitors.

Seminyak Beach

Previously known as Dhyanapura Beach by locals, boasts a long coastline with a broad stretch of sloping sand. The sight of white waves gently rolling towards the shore is mesmerizing.

Walking along this beach, especially during sunset, is an incredibly pleasant experience. The stunning hues of dusk reflecting in the seawater add to its allure. This southwest coast of Bali, along with Kuta Beach and others, is renowned for its surf-friendly waves, accommodating surfers of all skill levels, from beginners to pros.