This Country Has The Best Digital Nomad Visa In The World, According To New Rankings

This Country Has The Best Digital Nomad Visa In The World, According To New Rankings

Spain has the best visa for digital nomads in the world. This is according to the recently released VisaGuide.World Digital Nomad Visa Index, which analyzes and assesses the digital nomad visas granted by 38 countries worldwide based on multiple variables.

Spain holds the first position, followed by Argentina in second place; Romania secures the third spot; the United Arab Emirates ranks fourth; and Croatia follows closely.

Lum Kamishi from VisaGuide.World comments on the index results, pointing out that Spain is the most convenient country for remote workers for a variety of reasons, including lower living expenses than other countries on this list and the low-income requirement that applies to obtain a nomad work visa in this nation.

Spain is particularly well-known among travelers, digital nomads, and those looking to retire there because of its sunny Mediterranean beaches, stunning Pyrenean scenery, siesta culture, late-night dining, and numerous festivals. It also has convenient visa requirements for digital nomads.

Complete List of Requirements for the Spanish Digital Nomad Visa

Before delving into the specifics of each requirement, it’s important to note that there are two distinct profiles of foreigners eligible for this permit, each with slightly different requirements:

  • Employed individuals whose companies authorize them to travel and work remotely from a different country.
  • Self-employed professionals with a client base scattered worldwide or generating income from various online activities, all outside the borders of Spain.

Therefore, if you are seeking to obtain a remote work visa in Spain, these are the requirements: 

  • Your current employer or freelance clients must be based outside of Spain.
  • Income from Spanish companies or within Spain should not exceed 20% of the total.
  • Demonstrate at least 3 months of prior work or freelance engagement with your current company or clients.
  • Provide a contract with the same company for a minimum duration of 1 year, if applicable. 
  • Maintain an annual salary of €30,240, equivalent to €2,520 per month.
  • Showcase either 3 years of relevant work experience or hold a degree from a reputable university, vocational training, or business school.
  • Present a criminal records certificate with a minimum validity of 90 days, legalized and apostilled, and declare no criminal record for the past 5 years.
  • Complete the application form.
  • Pay the corresponding administrative fee (EUR 790,038).
  • Secure private health insurance with comprehensive coverage across Spain.