This Tourists Hotspot Will Have The World’s Longest Rooftop Pool

Bali Introduces The World's Longest Rooftop Pool For Tourists

Bali’s islands are experiencing a boom in construction projects, ranging from new apartment buildings to new hotels and more. In particular, one residential building will have the longest rooftop pool in the world.

Magnum Estate is the real estate development firm responsible for Magnum Residence Berawa. This ongoing project will showcase upscale apartments complemented by top-tier, five-star services.

The Magnum Residence Berawa, which overlooks Canggu’s most famous beach, is billed as having a “rooftop that has no equals in the world.” 

The location will have a modern, angular building with a lavishly furnished rooftop and a large infinity pool that stretches the entire 190 meters of the apartment complex, according to mock-ups of the project.

Tourists would have to wait a while before they can swim in the longest rooftop pool in the world because the Magnum Residence Berawa is scheduled to be completed in the final quarter of 2025.

The apartment building will offer one-bedroom units with ocean views for USD 350,000 and two-bedroom units also with ocean views for USD 590,000.

Magnum Residence Berawa has indicated that owners of the apartments have the option to rent out their property, reside in it personally, or utilize it as a vacation home. This flexibility renders the property attractive for both real estate investors and individuals seeking to establish a second home in Bali.

Right now, Canggu is without a doubt Bali’s busiest tourist destination. The well-known surfing hotspot is crowded with travelers from around the globe.

Canggu’s development as a tourist destination has proceeded incredibly quickly. Ten years ago, Canggu was a sleepy Balinese village that was frequented by surfers and had a small population of foreigners.

Next up were the more daring digital nomads and backpackers, and finally the vacationers looking for something off the beaten track. Canggu has become the party hub of Southeast Asia for many people.

There are currently hundreds of major construction projects in Bali, of which the Magnum Residence Berawa is just one. Magnum Estate is also building massive complexes on the Bukit Peninsula, in Sanur, Seminyak and Umalas.

The substantial investments in tourism accommodations and investment properties have been hailed by some as an indication of positive economic growth in Bali.

However, numerous enthusiasts of Bali have expressed their apprehensions, asserting that the extent of development is not sustainable.

In the earlier part of this year, the Seseh community effectively opposed the development of an extensive apartment and holiday villa complex through a petition.

The development firm has mentioned that they are revisiting their plans to ensure that projects incorporate the perspectives and counsel of both local authorities and the community.