This Is How Much Flight Prices Increase In 2023 (+FAQs)

This Is How Much Flight Prices Increase In 2023

In 2023, travelers should expect higher prices for almost all travel-related expenses, including flights. Expected price increases for many locations around the world are listed below to help travelers prepare for the upcoming year.

Flight Costs North Americans Can Expect In 2023

People in North America, which leads the world in air travel recovery, have certainly seen a dramatic increase in prices during 2022. This rapid price increase in prices during 2022 really speaks favorably for 2023, and while prices are still expected to rise, it is likely to be less pronounced than in regions such as Europe and Asia.

We will discuss the expected price increases for the economy and business class on various routes and use some specific examples to show what costs travelers should expect to pay:

  • North American Regional Flights
    • Business Class Increase: 3.4%
    • Economy Class Increase: 2.9%
  • North America to South America
    • Business Class Increase: 4.2%
    • Economy Class Increase: 6.4%
  • North America to Europe
    • Business Class Increase: 3.0%
    • Economy Class Increase: 2.4%
  • North America to Central America
    • Business Class Increase: 3.7%
    • Economy Class Increase: 3.6%
  • North America to the Caribbean
    • Business Class Increase: 2.3%
    • Economy Class Increase: 5.8%
  • North America to Asia
    • Business Class Increase: 6.1%
    • Economy Class Increase: 9.5%


Why are flights so expensive in 2023?

The main reasons why flights are so expensive in 2023 are post-pandemic high demand, inflation, and high fuel prices.

Will flight prices go down in 2023?

It is uncertain if flight prices will go down in 2023, as the travel industry is still recovering from the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, prices may fluctuate depending on various factors such as demand, route, and travel dates, so it’s recommended to keep an eye on prices and book in advance for the best deal.

When will flight prices drop in 2023?

It is uncertain when flight prices will drop in 2023 as the travel industry is still recovering from the ongoing impact of the pandemic and economic crisis. However, prices tend to be lower during off-peak travel seasons and higher during peak seasons.

North American Ticket Prices: 2022 vs. 2023

airplane landing

Percentages are a useful measure when it comes to determining how much flights are likely to change in the coming year. However, real-world examples often provide better insight. To illustrate this, we have included below some examples of actual one-way nonstop airfares, as determined by Google Flights on Dec. 18, 2022.

The prices listed here are for the holiday season. So, depending on the date you choose, be aware that they may vary significantly. These prices are just a more accurate illustration of the price increases you can expect:

  • New York to Montego Bay, Jamaica (JFK to MBJ)
    • 2022: $154 Economy, $464 Business
    • 2023: $163 Economy, $475 Business
  • New York to Tokyo, Japan (JFK to HND)
    • 2022: $2,161 Economy, $13,587 Business
    • 2023: $2,366 Economy, $14,416 Business
  • New York To London, England (JFK to LHR)
    • 2022: $1,063 Economy, $3,730 Business
    • 2023: $1,089 Economy,$3,841 Business

Increasing Prices In Europe

Although taking a plane across the world is expensive, many people travel to Europe with the intention of taking a regional flight once they get there. Travelers have been relying on budget airlines in Europe for years to spend a few weeks exploring various European hotspots. However, visitors should expect costs to rise here as well.

Airfares are predicted to increase 6.0% in business class and 5.5% in economy class for flights within Europe in 2023. Fortunately, this will not make many low-cost flights within the region significantly more expensive. Just think of the $50 for a one-way flight from London to Madrid (flights can often be found for less). In this case, the additional cost in 2023 would be only $2.50.