This Mexican Caribbean Hotspot Has The Cleanest Beaches Now

This Mexican Caribbean Hotspot Has The Cleanest Beaches Now

Tulum offers a selection of exquisite white-sand beaches, and the coastal haven’s pristine shores are currently in their best condition in several months, thanks to a significant decrease in sargassum levels.

Authorities have already seen a significant drop in the amount of seaweed washing up on Tulum’s white-sand beaches as the sargassum season slowly ends.

Tulum’s beaches are now in better condition than they have been in a long time, thanks to new government initiatives to improve sanitation, making this fall one of the best times of year to visit the popular coastal resort.

This optimistic forecast is consistent with the latest Sargassum forecast by the Quintana Roo Sargassum Monitoring Network, a group of environmentalists and beach lovers.

Eighty of the 100 beaches the network examined including all of the beaches in Tulum, had low levels of sargassum. Officials expect the current low sargassum levels at four of the destination’s main beaches to continue until November, when the official conclusion of the algae season is expected.

Although Tulum is currently hosting fewer travelers than during the busy summer and winter seasons, the region’s travel industry is optimistic that the destination will attract more visitors this fall.

Authorities are currently focused on promoting Tulum as a remarkable destination that not only offers a rich culture and history, but also has some of the most pristine beaches in Quintana Roo.

The owner of an excursion company in Tulum, Alejandro Peraza, claims that “Tulum has a unique offer thanks to the combination of its beaches, the beauty of the sea, the jungle and the ancient ruins.”

The Mexican Caribbean is presently transitioning into its shoulder season, which will extend until mid-November. Following a short span of reduced occupancy, the region anticipates a winter season that is poised to break previous records.

The Maya Train, the Mexican government’s flagship infrastructure project, is expected to be completed this December, and Tulum is preparing for what is expected to be its busiest tourism year ever.

Tulum, home to the most famous Mayan ruins in the Mexican Caribbean, is of great importance to the government. The coastal city is expected to see a significant increase in visitors once the project is completed. Double-digit growth in arrivals is expected as more travelers are attracted to explore the extensive Tulum Archeological Zone.

There is also a brand new museum in the works that will soon welcome visitors to the Jaguar National Park and greatly enhance the cultural significance of Tulum.