This Place Was Named The No. 1 Town In The U.S. To Retire In 2024

This Place Was Named The No. 1 Town In The U.S. To Retire In 2024

Nestled in the scenic mountains of Western North Carolina, Dillsboro, NC, is one of the top ten most comfortable and cozy retirement towns. Only 216 people live in the town and housing costs are generally affordable.

Retirees who want to spend their golden years in a peaceful, sparsely populated environment often choose Dillsboro. It’s hard to overlook the distinct small-town charm of the best retirement destination in the United States.

Residents can enjoy a wealth of outdoor activities, including hiking, fishing and camping, as well as breathtaking views of the Great Smoky Mountains. The craftsman town has some great restaurants and is a wonderful place to call home.

Furthermore, the excellent Harris Regional Hospital in Sylva, North Carolina, is only 6 minutes away from Dillsboro.

Dillsboro Town Map

Activities for Retirees in Dillsboro

Dillsboro has been a well-known creative town since the late 1800s, attracting tourists in search of a unique artistic community with plenty of alpine charm. 

In addition to restaurants, stores along the river, galleries, art, pottery, lively festivals and even train rides on the Great Smoky Mountains Railroad, Dillsboro offers a wealth of activities and sights to visit.

Is Dillsboro Safe To Live In?

Dillsboro is not only the most comfortable place to retire, but it’s also secure. There are lots of family-friendly activities available in the city and the crime rate is rather low when compared to other cities of a similar size.

Of course, every city has some level of crime. All in all, Dillsboro is a safe place to live, retire and raise a family.

Cost of Living in Dillsboro

The average home in Dillsboro is priced at $272,400, making it 19.4 percent more affordable than the national average of $338,100 and 5.8 percent less expensive than the typical North Carolina home, valued at $289,300. Renting a two-bedroom unit in Dillsboro is $870 per month which is less than the national average.

For a comfortable life in Dillsboro, North Carolina, it is advisable to have an annual income of at least $52,200 for a family and $30,800 for an individual.

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