This Popular Caribbean Island Is Imposing A New Entry Form Starting On September 1

This Popular Caribbean Island Is Imposing A New Entry Form Starting On September 1

You should put completing Jamaica’s new digital travel declaration on your list of pre-departure tasks if you plan to visit the country soon. No one wants to have to fill out more paperwork before traveling abroad, but Jamaica wants all visitors to the island to benefit from this new travel form.

Let’s take a look at what these new eligibility criteria for Jamaica mean for you. And don’t forget to save our website so you’re always up to date on immigration news.

The Jamaica Passport, Immigration and Citizenship Agency (PICA) has partnered with air travel expert IT SITA to offer a Digital Travel Declaration Solution to help clear passengers before departure.

The introduction of this new digital entry platform has two objectives. The first is to increase security at the borders of the tropical island nation. The second is to automate identity checks and assist Jamaica’s PICA with immigration control to significantly speed up border inspections. Your time at the beach will be more enjoyable if you spend less time waiting in line at customs.

Once the online system is up and running, travelers will be prompted to upload all immigration, customs and health documents required for entry. To enter Jamaica, visitors must provide proof of sufficient funds to support themselves while away from home, in addition to a return or exit ticket. The new digital travel registration form allows travelers to enter all of this data.

Don’t Be Deterred from Vacationing in Jamaica

You should not let this new mandatory travel form stop you from visiting Jamaica. Digital travel declarations are already in widespread use, and many countries in Europe, the United Kingdom and Japan now require travelers to fill them out before departure.

The online passenger declaration form is designed to simplify and expedite the immigration process for all arrivals at the country’s airports and will be formally required starting Sept. 1.

The form can be filled out before departure, during the flight or upon arrival, but of course it is ideal if you fill it out before departure.

“Arriving in Jamaica just got easier,” said Jamaica’s Director of Tourism, Donovan White. 

The action is part of a larger movement to digitize the check-in process at airports in the Caribbean.

Jamaica offers a wealth of fascinating activities and breathtaking locations that more than makeup for filling out the new travel form. You can experience Jamaica’s natural beauty, learn about local history and culture, and take a leisurely bamboo raft ride on the Martha Brae River. Take a catamaran excursion and go snorkeling just off Negril’s famous Seven Mile Beach. Or take part in one of Jamaica’s best pastimes and go horseback riding in St. Ann.