U.S. Issues Travel Warning For This Popular Latin Country

U.S. Issues Travel Warning For This Popular Latin Country

On January 11, 2024, the Department of State updated its Travel Advisory and Country Information for Nicaragua to include new details regarding the arbitrary enforcement of laws. The advisory level from the prior Travel Advisory dated July 20, 2023 has not changed with this reissue.

Because there is a risk of wrongful detention, limited access to healthcare, and arbitrary law enforcement, the overall travel advisory for Nicaragua is still Level 3: Reconsider Travel. Because of the crime rate in Nicaragua, exercise extra caution.

Government and law enforcement agents continue to target groups and people in Nicaragua who are thought to be adversaries of President Daniel Ortega and Vice President Rosario Murillo, his wife. Revocation of Nicaraguan citizenship, reentry prohibitions, expulsion, and other measures have been applied to U.S. citizens, including dual U.S. and Nicaraguan citizens. The following reports have been made to the government and its affiliates:

  • Arbitrarily restricting individuals from entering or leaving Nicaragua, whether by air or land, based on perceived affiliations.
  • Conducting searches of personal phones, computers, and documents to identify anti-government content, restricting photography of government property, and occasionally confiscating devices.
  • Systematically singling out individuals for political motives, irrespective of nationality, including former allies, political activists, business representatives, clergy, human rights advocates, civil society leaders, academics, and members of the press.
  • Selectively targeting pro-democracy advocates and their family members.
  • Arbitrarily detaining, accusing, and charging individuals with terrorism, money laundering, and organized crime offenses for political reasons, without upholding fair trial guarantees.

Top tips on keeping safe while traveling in Nicaragua

  • Secure your valuables by keeping them locked in your room. Bring only essential items on outings, and remain vigilant about pickpocketing.
  • Refrain from displaying valuable items or expensive jewelry openly in public places.
  • Avoid walking alone at night for safety reasons.
  • Opt for daytime travel whenever feasible.
  • Exercise caution in selecting transportation options.
  • Opt for well-established hotels located away from high-crime areas, offering 24-hour security.
  • In the event of an armed robbery, it is advised not to resist or fight back.
  • Steer clear of involvement in political matters and refrain from participating in political gatherings or protests.

10 Reasons why visit Nicaragua in 2024

Natural Beauty: Nicaragua is home to stunning landscapes, including volcanoes, lakes, and beaches.

Rich History and Culture: The country has a vibrant cultural heritage, with historical sites and colonial architecture.

Adventure Tourism: Opportunities for hiking, surfing, and exploring nature reserves.

Affordability: Nicaragua is known for being a budget-friendly travel destination.

Biodiversity: It’s a haven for wildlife enthusiasts, with diverse flora and fauna.

Authentic Cuisine: The local cuisine offers a blend of indigenous and Spanish flavors.

Warm Hospitality: Nicaraguans are known for their friendly and welcoming nature.

Less Crowded: It’s a less touristy option compared to other Central American countries.

Eco-friendly Travel Options: There are numerous eco-lodges and sustainable travel initiatives.

Cultural Festivals: Experience unique cultural events and festivals throughout the year.