8 Great Weekend Getaways In Virginia For Summer 2023

8 Great Weekend Getaways In Virginia For Summer 2023

Going on a summer getaway is something we all look forward to doing. Think about it; fresh air, beautiful sceneries, delicious foods, fun picnics, and traveling to new places. What’s not to love?

If you plan to go on a getaway this summer, consider visiting Virginia. Located in the Southeastern part of the country, this state offers a lot for outdoor lovers.

It has breathtaking beaches, small villages, and historical landmarks. You can go there for a day trip or spend a few nights in one of the resorts, hotels, or inns.

You can also go there for a relaxing time and unwind after a busy period in school or work. Here are the eight best summer weekend getaways in Virginia that can make your summer memorable.

Cherrystone Family Camping Resort

This resort has been in existence since 1964. It was family-owned from the first day it opened its doors until 2021 when the owners sold it.

It sits on 300 acres of land, and it’s located near the Chesapeake Bay, which offers you a chance to see beautiful sunsets. It features tall trees and an overall beautiful landscape set in nature.

You can visit various properties’ amenities, like the general store, café, swimming pools, fishing piers, dog park, and a beach. You can also see wildlife from the resort.

There is also a spacious laundry facility on the property that is open around the clock.

The resort is huge, so you may need to rent golf carts to get around. Indeed, this is a great place to visit if you want a change of scenery and some fun.

The Ritz Carlton, Pentagon City

This hotel is located in one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Virginia. It offers luxurious services.

Your eyes will feast on the breathtaking art on its walls when you enter the property. It has comfortable rooms and beds.

The rooms also have a luxurious décor and are beautifully designed. If you love food, you can sample the food available at the restaurant within the property, which uses locally grown ingredients.

Food is plenty at this hotel, and the staff are friendly and professional. It is strategically located with amenities like restaurants, shops, and airports situated within proximity.

It is the perfect place to stay if you want to explore Virginia or relax. It scores highly on cleanliness, room variety, location, and comfort.

It is also relatively affordable and family-friendly.


Charlottesville shares a name with the last Virginia queen, Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz. It’s located in Central Virginia at the bottom of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

The University of Virginia is located in this town and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The town also has unique historical attractions, such as the Rotunda based in UVA, President James Monroe’s Home (Ash Lawn), Monticello plantation house, James Monroe’s Highland, and Court Square.

If you love wine, you can taste wine at the many vineyards on the Monticello Wine Trail. If shopping is your thing, you can go to the Downtown Mall for a shopping spree, enjoy music, and eat at the mall.

If you are an adventure enthusiast, you can hike in the Blue Ridge Mountains and kayak on the nearby James River. You can choose the Omni Charlottesville Hotel if you need somewhere to stay.

They offer quality services and have clean rooms.

Hotel Laurance

Hotel Laurance is a tiny and unique accommodation that’s perfect for long stays. It has only twelve rooms, each with a kitchen, classy furnishings, and a homey feel.

Everything in the room is impeccable and clean, even the bathrooms, closets, utensils, and beds. You can even relax in the sitting area while drinking coffee after making the coffee with the coffee machine provided or reading a book.

The hotel is also quiet and peaceful, making it the ideal destination to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Whether traveling alone, as a couple, or with kids, you will love this place. It is also located close to downtown amenities and restaurants.

It was initially a residential house; then, it was transformed into a hotel, making it feel like an actual home. The accommodation fee is also reasonably priced, so that it can fit into your budget.

The Mayhurst Inn

The Mayhurst Inn is a majestic white luxury hotel in Orange, Virginia. Just like Hotel Laurence, this Inn also looks like a home.

It is an ideal accommodation for a quiet vacation. It is especially perfect if you are a couple, on your honeymoon, or recently married.

The building was constructed in 1859 as a home on a plantation, and it offers bed and breakfast services. It sits on 37 acres in the Virginia Piedmont.

It has a beautiful view of fields, old trees, a pond, landscaped lawn, and several gardens. It has eight exquisite rooms, and each is different from the other.

It also has five floors and a staircase around the building. You can visit various amenities around the hotel, such as museums.

The Omni Homestead resort

This luxury resort sits on over 2,000 acres of land in the Allegheny Mountains, Hot Springs, VA. It has been around since 1766, and since its doors opened, the resort has hosted 23 American presidents.

It is famous for its excellent hospitality and southern atmosphere. Guests can enjoy staying in their luxurious suites and rooms with classic decor.

They can also enjoy using various amenities, such as a natural geothermal pool, a garden park, a water park, a Finnish sauna, and two golf courses.

If you love the outdoors, you will feel at home there because there are many outdoor activities that you can do to your heart’s content.

These activities include winter sports, guided hikes, horseback rides, ziplining, kayaking, winter sports for the winter season, and tennis.

The resort has excellent room variety, so you will find something that suits you, whether alone or with family.

Its cleanliness and comfort are top-notch, and it’s also family-friendly. The prices are a bit high, but their services are worth every coin.

Hot Springs

If you are a couple, you might find this place in Virginia amazing, as many people consider it one of the most famous romantic getaways in the state.

Hot Springs is situated near Warm Springs in Bath County.

It is home to The Omni Homestead Resort mentioned above, a historic landmark in the country built more than two centuries ago. If you visit this town, you can stay at this hotel and enjoy a tranquil time.


Alexandria is situated next to the Potomac River. People also call the town simply the “Old Town.”

Alexandria has the charm of an old town, complete with cobblestone streets and old architecture built between the 18th and 19th centuries. Many people love visiting this town for their vacations.

Some of the historical sites you can see are the Torpedo Factory Art Center, Gadsby’s Tavern Museum, the World War II munitions factory, the home of George Washington (the Mount Vernon), Fort Ward Museum, 1753 Carlye House and Apothecary Museum.

If you have enough time, you can also walk along the waterfront and see the vibrant art market, boutiques, and hundreds of restaurants.

One of the best hotels you can stay in while visiting this town is The Westin Alexandria Old Town.

Wrapping Up

Virginia is famous for its historical buildings, rich history, and romantic destinations.

It’s a great place to consider when thinking of a place to go for a vacation or getaway this summer.

Choose one of these getaway locations above and maximize your summer holiday.