Alaska Airlines Launches Subscription Program With Annual Plans Starting at $49 Per Month

Alaska Airlines Launches Subscription Program With Annual Plans Starting at $49 Per Month

Alaska Airlines has launched the “first-ever flight subscription service in the US,” which allows West Coast travelers to purchase flights for as low as $49 per month.

Beginning Feb. 16, members can book up to 24 round-trip flights per year to travel to/from 13 of California’s major airports, as well as to Nevada and Arizona.

Flight Pass members can fly up to 24 roundtrip flights a year to the most popular routes within California, as well as nonstop service from California airports to Reno, Phoenix and Las Vegas, for a fixed monthly rate,” reads the press release

There are two packages available, each with its own set of pros and cons.

The Flight Pass option is available for as little as $49 a month. The catch is that passengers must book at least 14 days before departure and as early as 90 days in advance.

Flight Pass Pro starts at $199 a month and allows much more flexibility since travelers can make same-day reservations.

As an annual subscription, this unique travel scheme only allows travelers to book two-way flights.

Alaska guarantees that “most flights are available to select for only $0.01 plus $14.60 in airport taxes and fees,” however, emphasizes that most popular routes will be more expensive.

Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 taking off from Seattle Tacoma airport
Seattle, WA, USA: Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 Taking Off

After completing the subscription, “credits” will be deposited into the traveler’s account every one or two months so they can use them to purchase tickets.

Passengers should select 6, 12, or 24 roundtrip flights per year.

“Subscribers will receive credits deposited monthly or bi-monthly into their Flight Pass account, to be redeemed for 6, 12 or 24 nonstop trips a year to eligible destinations”

Although all credits expire, cardholders have the option to receive back their credits if cancel the flights before the expiration date.

“Our commitment to care means offering convenient and affordable options that fit our guests’ lifestyle and connect them to where they want to go,” said Alex Corey, managing director of business development and products for Alaska Airlines.