Another Sunny Destination Joins Airbnb’s Live and Work From Anywhere Initiative To Lure Digital Nomads

Islas Canarias Join Airbnb’s Live and Work From Anywhere Initiative To Lure Digital Nomads

In an effort to draw more digital nomads, another sunny location will join Airbnb’s “Live and Work Anywhere” program in 2023, 

Airbnb says its latest offering is ideal for vacationers and remote workers seeking “sea, sun and adventure”

AirBnB, the world’s leading long-term rental platform, is playing a critical role in promoting nomadism, and doing so with great success:

After partnering with a number of popular coastal destinations in Mexico, including trendy Los Cabos, Airbnb is now focusing on the Eastern Hemisphere. More specifically, on a very popular “winter sun” location that offers nicer weather year-round to mainland Europeans, but is traditionally neglected by a larger American audience.

Before revealing its newest partner destination, which is the Canary Islands, a Spanish archipelago and autonomous community off the west coast of Africa, AirBnB asks sun-seeking nomads questions like, “Would you like to go surfing on your lunch break?”, “Or end your working day with a mountain hike?”

Before going into detail about why they are a fantastic choice, Airbnb notes that the Canary Islands ” have the most hours of sunshine per year in Europe” Despite their proximity to the African continent, the islands are part of Spain and the European Union and therefore culturally, ethnically and politically European.

Temperatures over the island settlements reach highs of 20° Celsius in high winter, making the island the land of endless spring.

In other words, it’s always warm enough for shorts on islands like Tenerife and Gran Canaria. Other southern European markets, where the weather is just passably decent throughout the summer, cannot claim the same.

Unless you are looking for adventure and hiking in the highlands of Fuerteventura or traveling further inland to one of the islands, where it’s often more mountainous, you should only be annoyed by light rain showers in the winter, if any.

In addition, Airbnb offers “excellent” connectivity and “affordable living” with “beautiful beaches” and nature as a backdrop. The Spanish territory of the Canary Islands is home to small coastal villages with a laid-back atmosphere and wellness-oriented culture, as well as hiking, biking, and running trails that make it one of Europe’s adventure capitals.

Those looking for a lively environment in which to socialize and meet other travelers, and not necessarily to explore nature, will not be disappointed. The Canary Islands are the most populated special territory of the European Union, despite being a remote archipelago.