Bermuda is open for tourism as one of the safest destinations in 2021


Bermuda has been open for tourism since last year with strict entry restrictions. All Non-residents must bring a negative COVID-19 test and take another one on arrival. Visitors must quarantine for around 24 hours until their results come back. 

All arrivals from the United Kingdom or travelers who have been in the UK over the last 14 days must bring a negative COVID-19 test and undergo a mandatory 4-day quarantine. They will be released from quarantine after receiving a negative result after day 4. 

Flights from Brazil, India or South Africa won’t be allowed to land in Bermuda. Visitors who have been to these countries within the previous 14 days will be mandatorily quarantined for 14 days.

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Bermuda reopening to tourism

Bermuda reopening for tourism - travel restrictions

July 6 – Bermuda has become one the safest places to visit, according to an epidemiology report from July 2

With only 12 active cases and 0 people in hospital, Bermuda has officially become one of the safest places to visit in the world, according to data released by the Minister of Health last week. 

So far, 60.3 percent of its population has received two full series of a vaccine against COVID-19 and 64.4 percent one of them. 

“There is no doubt that Bermuda would not be where it is today with 64% of the population vaccinated if it were not for the efforts of this hard-working community of doctors, dentists, vets, nurses, EMTs, pharmacists, and call center and administrative assistants – thank you.” said Minister of Health, Kim Wilson.  

He added that the government is not claiming that the pandemic is over so they will continue to enforce different restrictions and increasing vaccination rates. 


June 18 – Bermuda to extend quarantine restrictions for unvaccinated travelers from 24 hours to 2 weeks starting June 24

The Bermuda government has issued a controversial mandatory quarantine restriction for unvaccinated travelers. 

Effective June 24, people who have not been immunized against COVID-19 will need to undergo a 2-week mandatory quarantine at their own expense right after their arrival on the island.

The new quarantine was scheduled to be enforced on June 6 but it has been put off twice since then. 

With only five active cases of the coronavirus after peaking at 904 in April, authorities are not willing to take more risks. 
(Source: The Royal Gazette)

June 1 – Bermuda to transition to providing full services, said Supreme Court. 

Bermuda is about to be back to its old self after a year of battling the pandemic.

According to an official circular, dated May 27, following the lifting of the ‘Stay at Home Order’ the Supreme Court has decreed that the country can continue with “its transition to re-opening to providing full services.”

Luxury hotels, cruise ships and tourist venues all over the British island territory hurried up to announce their own businesses’ full reopening. 

However, the Court also warned that “the health, safety and welfare of the members of the public, as well as court administrative staff, continues to be [their] paramount concern, so services will continue to be limited and be revisited.”

(Source: Bermuda Supreme Court)

May 16 – Bermuda has entered Phase 2 of reopening on May 9

Local businesses such as bars and restaurants are seeing a strong return since the Phase 2 of reopening started on May 9. 

According to Phillip Barnett, the president of Island Restaurant Group “[business owners] have got a long way to go to get back to a sense of normality and normal sales figures, which allows us to support our staff, support all of our costs and pay all of our suppliers, so we will be building that back over the next three to six months.” “The restaurants have now shut twice and have curtailed their business operations for the last year. This has been completely catastrophic for every restaurant in Bermuda and their staff.”

In addition to being allowed to go to bars and restaurants, the Ministry of Youth, Culture and Sport also announced that multiple sport activities are now permitted as long as they have groups of up to 10 participants, have no contact, no fans, and can keep social distancing. 

These restrictions may look a bit too tough, but the government is aiming to move on with the Phase 3 reopening as soon as people get adapted to the second one.

March 22

As of today, all visitors to Bermuda must wear a “traveler wristband” for at least the first 14 days of their stay. Visitors who try to remove the wristband before it is allowed will face a USD $500 fine and will be placed in quarantine at home wearing an additional electronic monitoring bracelet. 

The bracelet pairs with a phone app. If a visitor does not want to download the app to their phones they will also need to buy a phone at the airport. The cost of the bracelet is USD $300.

Do visitors need to quarantine in Bermuda?

Not for long. Visitors who bring a negative PCR COVID-19 test results will be asked to take a second test at the airport and take a private transportation to their hotels where they will self-isolate until the results are available (24 hours). 

After this process, they may resume their trips. People who fail to self-isolate for this short period could get a USD 25.000 fine and even go to jail.

Residents without pre-travel PCR COVID-19 test results need to self-isolate at their home for 8 days after which they will be tested for COVID-19 and allowed to carry on with their lives if the result is negative.

For more information on official requirements check this link.

Bermuda reopening for tourism - travel restrictions

Travelers’ form

All travelers need to complete a Visitor Travel Authorization form up to 3 days before departing. Travelers will be asked to submit their PCR COVID-19 test results, and need to pay a fee (USD 75 for travelers over 10 years old, USD 30 for travelers 9 and under). 

It’s very important that visitors keep a physical or digital copy of their VTA to show to airport authorities on arrival.

What activities are allowed in Bermudas’ “New Normal” plan? 

  • Eating or drinking indoors. Restaurants and bars are open to the public.
  • Watch a movie, go to a play, or visit a museum.  
  • Fitness and wellness centers are open. 
  • Beauty parlors, barber shops and nail salons are open as well.
  • Outdoor activities and sports are allowed.
  • Parks, public pools and beaches are open.
  • Recreational boating is allowed with a few extra precautions (checking for temperature and other symptoms)
  • Religious ceremonies are allowed but the venue must be pre-approved by the government.
  • Public or private events of 75 people or more need a special permit.

Businesses and customers must follow biosafety measures at all times. Masks are mandatory indoors and social distancing is highly encouraged at all times.

COVID-19 situation In Bermuda 

The country has 12 active cases and has reported 33 total deaths. One of the lowest death tolls in the world.

Tourism in Bermuda

This beautiful and small island has been part of the bucket list of high spenders and celebrities for several years now. 

The super yachts, the beaches, the golf fields, luxurious hotels and resorts and its international cuisine are just a few of the reasons why so many want to escape the cold European winters there.