7 Most Popular Beaches in MAINE State To Visit

Best Beaches Maine To Visit

If you haven’t visited one of the beautiful Maine beaches, you’re missing one of the thrilling lifetime memories. The pine tree state faces the glistening Atlantic Ocean to its southeast and is blessed with an amazing coastline. Interestingly, it has over 3400 miles of sandy shores that both local and international tourists will love.

Maine also holds several significant historical places and experiences around the coastline, including shipwrecks, settlement sites, lighthouses, and several old towns that will leave you baffled and overjoyed.

Are you ready to experience the thrill of the amazing sandy beaches and warm waters of the Maine coast? The following are some of the best beaches in Maine worth visiting.

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Best Beaches in Maine MAP

best beaches in maine map

Average temperatures in Maine during Fall

Days around the Maine coast in September and October can be still quite enjoyable if you get a sunny day. Day temperatures don’t go below 60°F until November.

Source: weatherspark.com

Kennebunk Beach

Commonly referred to as the Mother’s Beach, Kennebunk Beach is famous for its protected waters and beautiful views. The beach has a short sandy section that is loved for its soft and smooth sand, which is gentle on the feet.

Mother’s Beach is a perfect place for you if you are looking for somewhere to sun yourself, play in the surf, and enjoy the sight of the magical waves. You are allowed to drive and park in designated areas around the beach. However, if you are looking to park on the beach, you must have a beach pass.

Visitors who are non-residents can purchase their passes at either the kiosks located on the beaches or the town hall. For residents, their passes can be obtained from the Townhall. If you are looking to visit the beach with minors, lifeguards are available on the beach from mid-June to September.

Kennebunk Beach has various festivals and activities throughout the year, so check your calendar. There are a few amenities on the beach together with portable toilets. And if you have kids, there is a new playground where they can have fun.

The beach is also famous for its ADA compliant Mobi-Mat, allowing individuals with mobility disorders to access the beach right from the parking lot. Besides, you can also rent a beach wheelchair to help you navigate around the beach. If you are looking for a beautiful beach that offers accessibility for everyone, Kennebunk Beach can be a good place for you.

The Crescent Beach

Located at Two Lights Road in Cape Elizabeth, Crescent Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Maine. The beach is famous for its sandy oceanfront together with saltwater coves. If you are a water sports lover, this is the perfect beach.

The beach has hiking trails just around the water’s edge and can be an excellent place for sunbathing, bird watching, fishing, and other activities.

Most couples flock to the beach during the summer as it has beautiful dunes dotted with seagrass, which forms an excellent picnic site. There are also spacious restroom facilities for those who might want to spend a couple of days at the beach.

The beach also boasts of its rock ledges, crowded summer sands, and wooden areas, which can be a good destination if you are a nature observer. The water there is warm, and the surfs are light making swimming and boating an ideal adventure.

In the off-season, the beach is normally closed to vehicles, but you are still welcome to take a walk and enjoy the beautiful trails and the serene beach. The beach can also be a good destination for those who love to hike or ski, as it is open in the winter for such activities. You can visit the beach at an affordable entry fee, and if you have a family, you might as well decide to take a yearly pass.

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The Sand Beach

The 290 years old beach is located between the rocky and mountain shores of Mount Desert Island in the Acadia National Park. The beach has unique sand of shell fragments resulting from the pounding surf. Its waterline line shifts from time to time because of high and low tides.

If you are looking to swim in the ocean, the waters at Sand Beach are perfect for you. The temperatures rarely exceed 55 degrees in the summer. Children often enjoy such temperatures when they are playing in the water. And although a family owns the beach, you are not allowed to bring with you your dogs from around mid-May to mid-September.

The Sand beach boasts a beautiful view. It has a hiking trail that starts right from the beach to a loop around a headland called The Great Head. There are also ascending granite steps at the base of some cliffs next to the shoreline, which can be good for hiking ground. There is also a beautiful ocean path at the far end of the upper parking lot.

The beach is only 1000 feet above sea level, and it can be accessed through the park entrance. Lifeguards are available in the summer, and you also have on-site restrooms and changing rooms. A shuttle bus with several drop-off points facilitates access to the beautiful views on the beach. If you are an outdoors lover, Sand Beach might be what you are looking for.

Short Sands Beach — York

Short Sands Beach York

Short Sands at Ellis Park features a large sand playground, a pavilion, seasonal lifeguards, metered parking, and a large grassy area ideal for a lovely picnic. There are several conveniently placed benches along the boardwalk that runs along the beach.

Short Sands Beach is popular with locals as it is easily accessible and close to several restaurants, stores, and hotels.

Spend your family vacation at Short Sands Beach. The powdery sand is great for building castles and forts, a basketball court invites you to play an exciting game, and the restrooms are well-maintained.

Short Sands Beach is one of the best beaches in Maine for kids, as it has a large playground to keep your kids happy, as well as lifeguards stationed along the boardwalk to ensure your family’s safety.

Even though Short Sands Beach is busy during peak season, this is a great time to visit as there are free concerts at the pavilion and regular fireworks.

Old Orchard Beach

Old Orchard Beach is one of the best destinations for a vacation with your family. The over 170-year-old beach has a 7 miles long pristine shoreline. It is located on a four-acre piece of land with fascinating features, including a playland park with a Ferris wheel and a large arcade perfect for your children’s amusement.

Whenever the tide is out on the beach, and the sun shines, you will enjoy the large span of sand that accommodates everyone. This could be a perfect opportunity for you to venture into the turf, play football, or take a nap.

The beach is also known for its Pier, which was built in 1898. It extends over 500 feet into the Atlantic, and it hosts several shops, restaurants, and even casinos. You don’t have to worry about the waves as the Pier is located within the beach. The Pier is a perfect spot with lots of entertainment at night, including karaoke, live DJs, and comedy venues.

Old Orchard Beach has just everything for you if you love adventure. Several boat companies offer chartered fishing tours, lobster tours, and rafting tours. Besides, several kayaks and canoe tours allow you to explore the nearby Saco River, home to a wide range of aquatic bird species.

If you love golfing, Old Orchard Beach is the perfect place for you. There are over 18-hole courses that are just about half an hour off the beach. This provides you with an opportunity to enjoy golfing and spend time on the beach. There are also miniature golf courses for kids as well as driving ranges.

The beach also hosts several hotels and motels just around the beach. If you are looking to stay there for a while, there are several facilities that you can choose from. Besides, there are also several campsites and campgrounds for your adventure. If you want to have great fun at the beach, the Old Orchard Beach at Seaside Avenue has all the facilities you need.

Popham Beach

The 500-acre beach located in Phippsburg is one of the finest and longest beaches that you can find in Maine. The beach runs for around 14 miles providing you with the space to enjoy yourself. Therefore, you can be assured that you will get an uncrowded area. However, there is likely limited space when the high tides, especially in summer, are due to dune erosion.

Once you step onto the beach, you will notice sand stretching on your right and a rocky outcropping on your left. The rocky outcropping is Fox Island which can be a perfect location to explore if you like adventures. However, the Island can only be accessed once the tide is low for safety purposes.

The beach has several beach facilities, including picnic tables, a bathhouse, and charcoal pits. These facilities are available in the wooden area of the beach. Besides, there are also beach wheelchairs for those with mobility disorders, but this is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

A fort named Fort Popham is located a few miles down the beach on route 209. The fort is situated on the banks of River Kennebec, and it offers scenic views of Georgetown Island. Such could be a nice place if you are a lover of history and you would like to go on some little exploration.

The park is open all year, and you can engage in various activities, including swimming, surfing, boating, picnicking, and fishing. Pets on a leash are allowed on the beach except between April and September. Besides, you can also bring your horses between October and March so long as you have a horse beach permit.

Although the shifting sands alter the beach’s shoreline, Popham remains one of the most beautiful beaches in Maine. The beach can be an excellent place to surf or swim as the rolling waves are ideal for such activities.

Ogunquit Beach

Ogunquit, meaning a beautiful place by the sea, is a 4-mile stretch of beach that stretches along the Atlantic. The beach comprises three sections, including the Main beach, North Beach and Footbridge Beach. It is one of the best around the country and is famous for its white sandy stretch with shallow waters and sandbars. It gets very crowded, especially in the summer, as people come to enjoy the scenic experience at the beach.

Ogunquit Beach has extra soft sand with fine white grains that are almost sugary in texture. Besides, there are no rocks around hence providing a generous space if you want to walk barefoot on the sand. Surprisingly, the sand remains soft even when there are high tides. Swimming is safer as the sand below is gentle for your feet.

The beach is accommodative as it has a parking lot and several public facilities, including hotels and restaurants. There are also lifeguards during the peak season and local police officers to be assured of your security. Several festivals and activities in the summer are coupled with a vibrant art scene with an LGBTQ-friendly atmosphere.

While at the beach, you can also decide to take a walk and visit the Marginal Way, which is a fishing village. The Marginal Way has several eateries with various cuisines, several boats, and a working drawbridge. If you are in Maine for your holidays, visit Ogunquit beach for a fantastic experience.


Maine remains one of the best states to visit if you are looking for beautiful scenic beaches. These six beaches are just some of the best that you can find in Maine. The beaches have stunning views, accommodating facilities, and numerous activities to ensure a worthwhile experience when you visit them.