Why Barcelona?

Barcelona is one of the rare European metropolitan cities with an amazing sunny climate all year around. It has beaches, amazing nightlife, and a unique artistic vibe so different people are attracted to it from all around the world. It is a melting pot of culture and a truly modern European city with everything that you would expect from that title.

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In the past couple of years, it has seen an immense coworking growth in its startup scene with amazing events going on every day.

Professionals from all kind of industries come here to network and to meet other like-minded individuals that will help them form strategic partnerships for their businesses and projects. Be sure to check meetup.com to be amazed by the sheer amount of things going on daily bases.

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Here is the list of the best Coworking spaces in Barcelona just for you:

MOB (Makers of Barcelona)

MOB is definitely a unique coworking space in Barcelona. It strives to be more than just an event venue, makerspace or a school, it is an ecosystem that inspires growth, collaboration, and creation.

Events are organized on a daily basis so people all over the world with different backgrounds can gather and exchange ideas. It’s open 24/7 and it allows different packages for different kinds of needs.

Monthly Price: Starts at 60€

2x Locations: Bailen 11, Bajos, Barcelona and Ronda de Sant Pau, 47

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LA VACA is a former dairy shop where people used to buy fresh milk, that is transformed into a coworking space in the heart of Poble Sec.

It’s one of the most laid-back coworking spaces in Barcelona with an amazing vibe that rubs off on you immediately. It is the perfect place to get things done and provides you with access to their meeting room, skype room, bike parking and lots of chill areas.

What else could you wish for? with their arrangement of free tea and coffee, you are sure to stay productive all day long and the awesome staff organizes plenty of activities on a weekly basis such as paella days, after work, sport activities, yoga, art events, and exhibitions, but also interesting workshops and networking.

They boast a very international community of 60 members that includes Freelancers, Entrepreneurs and Digital Nomads from all over the world so you will definitely find your crowd.

You can work on your own projects or share ideas with your coworkers, the mentality is work hard, play hard to be ready to hustle! They offer great flexibility in their plans so you will definitely find one that is the perfect fit for you. You should definitely consider joining La Vaca Community and become a “Vaquero”!”

Monthly Price: Starts at 90€

Location: Carrer de la Creu dels Molers, 19, 08004 Barcelona

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free coworking space in barcelona - imagin cafe IMAGIN CAFE is a “special” place because it’s not just a cafe but also a FREE coworking space in Barcelona. Its central location is very convenient (2 minutes from Plaza Catalunya) and makes it one of the best places for digital nomads that plan to stay in Barcelona only for a few days/weeks.

There is a downside! The place got really popular and if you arrive around lunchtime, it might be hard to score a spot. Therefore, it’s best for early birds that can make it there at 9 am or people working late evening because they are open until 9pm.

P.S.: beer is cheap! 😉

Location: Carrer de Pelai, 11, 08001 Barcelona


Betahaus Betahaus, definitely is one of the best coworking spaces in Barcelona, with their almost daily events you are sure to be always ahead of the curve in all aspects of business and technology. The beta stands for always being in beta mode and seeking feedback for constant improvement, the coworking space is a never-ending experiment that will keep evolving in the future.

It’s open 24/7 and provides you with high-speed internet, amazing environment and likeminded people to connect with. Don’t miss out and join the betahaus coworking environment now!

Monthly Price: Starts at 143€

Location: Carrer de Vilafranca, 7, (08024) Barcelona, Spain


CREC gives coworking a new meaning to the phrase work when you want, where you want. And that is exactly what it enables you to do.

Progressive mindset and an inspiring environment are what is going to take your projects to a new level so be sure to connect with other like-minded professionals in the CREC coworking space!

CREC gives you the opportunity to separate your private life from your professional one and give more visibility to you and your work.

Monthly Price: Starts at 180€

Location: Poble Sec – Blesa 27, 08004 Barcelona

Talent Garden

Talent Garden is the place where you sharpen your skills, get fresh ideas and tackle new exciting problems. An environment that promotes collaboration and discussion, while providing you with enough privacy to do your work in peace.

Facilities are open 24/7 and as a member, you can visit any of their campuses worldwide. Talent Garden is an intersection where startups, innovators, and corporations meet.

Monthly Price: Starts at 150€

Location: Carrer de Muntaner, 239, Barcelona

Valkiria Hub Space

Valkiria Hub - Coworking Space SpaceValkiria is a mecca for social entrepreneurs that want to make a meaningful change in the world. Its 1,500 square meter space, gives it a relaxing chill vibe that is perfect for productivity.

Strong belief in talent, innovation, and creativity create a collaborative environment that provides value, generates ideas and innovates. Coworking, mentoring and event organization, you have it all.

Monthly Price: Starts at 70€

Location: Carrer Pujades 126 (Poble Nou), 08005 Barcelona

Apocapoc Bcn

Apocapoc is the definition of an eco-environment friendly co-working space. Its a 200 square meter co-working space with multifunctional elements that help you optimize your work. It even has outdoor heaven with fruit trees and a roof garden with a giant sunflower.

The plants will put you at ease and make you relax when work gets stressful. It is the perfect experimental playground, so be sure to come here for inspiration for your next idea that will change the world.

Monthly Price: Starts at 117€

Location: Passatge hort dels velluters 5, 08003 Barcelona

Coco Coffice

What happens if you merge coffee and office? You get a coffice. Its a good alternative from the crowded cafes so if you want to sip your favorite coffee while you work then Coco Coffice is the perfect choice for you!

You can stay for 1 hour, two or even a whole month if you want.

Choose between coffee, tea, and snacks and share your experience with other freelancers and digital nomads.

Monthly Price: Starts at 210€

Location: Calle Manso 17, 08015 Barcelona

BCNewt coworking

Boost your productivity with the perfect work-life balance. Be a part of the perfect collaborative community that will train you to be the best you can be. Access to the best networking opportunities and attend amazing events they have in store for you.

Environmental and social sustainability is something that is much cared about at BCNewt. BCNewt has 2 different facilities, both amazingly decorated and best suited for your own needs.

Monthly Price: Starts at 150€

Location: Calle Llull 47, 3-4, Barcelona, España, 08005


Zamness has whatever you need. It provides you with the facilities that are much needed to take your work to the next level.

Meeting rooms, Bar, Office, Showers, Toilets, Bike park and much more, Zamness will cater to all your needs. Check their coworking spaces out now!

Monthly Price: Starts at 125€

Location: Carrer Zamora 46, 4-4 – 08005 Barcelona


PangeaPangea is designed to promote human interaction, exchange ideas and build a new, better future. Its one of the largest coworking spaces and it can accommodate up to 40 coworkers.

Creation of human relationships makes inhabitants help and learn from each other. Spaces are designed so you can make new friends in the kitchen, dining room, meeting room or the terrace.

Monthly Price: Starts at 250€

Location: Doctor Trueta 113, 08005 Barcelona

Barcelona is also the European city with most coworking spaces per square meter, the sheer quantity and quality of these coworking spaces can’t be found anywhere else in the world. Freelancers and digital nomads are moving to Barcelona day in and day out because what they have found here they can’t find in any other European city.

The community often organizes meetups and events catered just to digital nomads, remote workers, and freelancers so be sure to check them out and network with other like-minded people in your field.

And with a growing community of digital nomads, you can also find a large number of co-living spaces. It is a new form of living, being surrounded day and night with people that live similar lifestyles as you because we all know that working from a laptop the whole day long can get a bit stressful and boring without company.

Nevertheless, Barcelona is becoming the digital nomad capital of Europe with its unique vibe and offer that no other European city can compete with. Come check it out and enjoy the beaches of Barcelona, try the famous tapas and sangria in the evening and get wild in the nightclubs at night. It will be the time of your life that you will never forget.