Hawaii inter-state travel with vaccination passport to start on May 11

Hawaii inter-state travel with vaccination passport to start on May 11

As of Tuesday, Hawaii residents are able to engage in all forms of inter-county travel without needing to provide a recent negative COVID-19 test result.

They must, however, be vaccinated and upload proof of that to the state’s Safe Travels website. Hawaiians have been doing so since Friday, the first day that vaccine information could be uploaded there.

To be eligible for this, at least 15 days must have passed since the completion of the traveler’s vaccination. Also, the vaccination process must have taken place in Hawaii. Those who have been vaccinated elsewhere, including Hawaiian residents, should still provide a negative COVID-19 test result if required.

Once on that website, the user should log into their account and create a trip, including there their flight number, ID type and number and details about their accommodations at their destination. A health questionnaire will also need to be filled out, but that cannot be completed until fewer than 24 hours remain prior to departing on the journey.

A recent photo of the traveler – i.e. a selfie – and a vaccination card or VAMS (Vaccine Administration Management System) printout should be uploaded as well.

Once everything has been completed, the traveler will be emailed a QR code. This should be shown while going through security at the airport. A physical copy of proof of vaccination should be brought along as well although that will most likely not be requested.

Those who are engaging in inter-county travel within Hawaii that leads them to Honolulu County do not need to be vaccinated to avoid being required to quarantine or have a recent negative COVID-19 test result as that county does not have any related restrictions. However, Hawaiians traveling to Honolulu County should account for what is required of them upon their return home.

Meanwhile, Hawaii is expected to reach herd immunity more quickly than had been anticipated, according to Lt. Gov. Josh Green. This is due to 72% of adult Hawaiians having already received at least one dosage of a vaccine, which has resulted in that state taking the nation’s lead in that statistic.