houses in italy for 1 euro

Italian Paradise Village is Offering Houses for 1 Euro

If you have always wanted to move to a beautiful Italian village, you probably think it’s out of your budget. You would be right in most cases, but the town of Cinquefrondi is selling homes for €1.

The town has many abandoned homes and is making an ongoing effort to repopulate, and those willing to relocate to this stunning town can do so for less than a cup of premium coffee.

The town is in a great location and offers stunning views to which you would otherwise not have access.


You will have to renovate the home you buy and restore it to the condition it was in when it was still new.

About Cinquefrondi


Before you pack your bags and move to a new country, you probably want to know a little about the town to which you are traveling. Cinquefrondi is in the middle of the Aspromonte National Park and has two seas nearby.

This location is a midsized town and has a population of around 89,000 residents who are pleased to call it their home. If you enjoy moderate climates that never get too hot or too cold, this town could be the perfect place for you.

The average low temperature is around 50 degrees in January, and the average high in August is 75 degrees. The area gets the most rainfall in the winter months. When people don’t want to experience cold weather or rain, they often buy vacation homes in Cinquefrondi and visit in the summer. You can buy a home here whether or not you are an Italian citizen.

Renovation Tasks

It’s important to know what renovation tasks you might have to complete when you buy a home in this Italian paradise. If you have never done home renovations before, you can learn or hire a company to do them for you.

In the long run, you still get an Italian home for much cheaper than you would otherwise. Many renovation projects include remodeling the bathroom and kitchen.

This can include replacing the floors, sinks and cabinets in addition to working on a variety of other tasks. You might need to replace the stove and other kitchen appliances before moving forward.

Depending on the house you buy, it could require new windows and doors to make it livable.

Be prepared to inspect the plumbing and wiring to ensure your new home is a safe place to live, and you will be off to a great start.


Pay attention to the requirements if you don’t want to face unwanted surprises with your new home. Speak with city officials if you are interested in buying a home so that you will know the exact terms to which you are agreeing.

For most homes, you must begin the home renovation project within three months of your purchase. You can begin with any renovation you have in mind or that fits into your budget, and you can work at your own pace.

Even though you can work at your own pace in the beginning, you are still on a time limit. You have three months from your purchase date to complete all required renovations.

You can move into your new home as soon as it’s safe for you to do so, and your dream of having a stunning Italian home is easier to reach than you once thought.

Application Process

When you are ready to begin, you visit the city’s website and download an application for the home you would like to buy. You will find information and pictures related to the property in which you are interested, and you can review all the terms before agreeing to anything.

Keep your goals and needs in mind while you review the terms if you don’t want to get stuck with a bad deal that does not make sense for you over the long term. If you find a home that grabs your attention, find out what renovations you have to complete in the next three years and how much they will cost.

Final Thoughts

Most people think having a home in an Italian paradise is only for the rich and famous, but anyone can make this dream a reality if they know where to look.

You need to translate the website unless you speak Italian, and the document you download is also in the native language. You can see pictures of the homes to get an idea of what shape they are in before you decide. While most of these homes require an investment of time and money, it’s a rewarding project if you can make it work for you.