New Nature Reserve For Tourists Coming To The Mexican Caribbean

New Nature Reserve For Tourists Coming To The Mexican Caribbean

Connecting with nature is an important reason why many tourists come to the Mexican Caribbean. 

In fact, recent traveler surveys of the beach resort destinations in Mexico found that travelers visited for wellness, sustainability and nature.

The Mexican government announced recently that will be designating 1,091 hectares, or nearly 2,700 acres, of wetlands near Puerto Morelos as a Natural Protected Area to allow more tourists to enjoy the sustainability and nature found in the Mexican Caribbean.

Natural Protected Wetlands

The brand new Natural Protected Area near Puerto Morelos was officially filed for public notice for 30 days in the Mexican public registry. Assuming nobody objects to the decree, the land declaration will become official.

The area being designated is 1,091 hectares of wetlands which represent the natural state of the land before development and tourism dominated the Mexican Caribbean.

In fact, environmental research has shown that this area of Mexico is rapidly losing its native wetlands to human development.

This designation allows for the region to add to its commitment of sustainability, which travelers are coming to explore when visiting the Mexican Caribbean.

The Animal Kingdom

The wetlands near Puerto Morelos that are being protected are home to a wide variety of animals. According to reports, crocodiles, striped spiny iguanas, spider monkeys and a multitude of birds call these very special wetlands home.

After the designation, tourists will be able to arrange tours of the wetlands with guides and learn more about the natural environment of the region.

Third Designation Near Cancun

The new Natural Protected Area is only one of 22 across the entire country. It is the third such designation in the State of Quintana Roo, the Mexican Caribbean region that is home to popular tourist spots such as Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum and of course Puerto Morelos.

Nearby El Manglar Park in Puerto Morelos was one of the areas designated a Natural Protected Area. It was only projected to be half the size of the new Natural Protected Area, however it has actually doubled in size to be about the same amount of land as the new area.

The original land for that area was donated by the children of the late owner of the Hotel El Cid to be preserved as a sustainable nature area for tourists and locals to enjoy.

Another Natural Protected Area for tourists to check out is located close to Tulum. Located near a jaguar protected area, the amount of land safeguarded as a nature preserve is a little more than half the other areas. However, the jaguar protected area is more than the two Puerto Morelos preserves put together.

Tips For Travelers

Tourists visiting Cancun and the Mexican Caribbean have recognized the importance of sustainability and nature in their vacation getaways to the area. 

These new Natural Protected Areas encourage travelers to come to the area, and in addition to enjoy the fantastic beaches, food and nightclubs, provide them an opportunity to travel back in time and enjoy the true wild side of the region.

All three are located south of Cancun and are easily accessible for visitors to the area to enjoy the connection to nature and sustainability. 

Reasonably priced tours can be arranged in advance through popular travel websites and hotel tour desks. All include transportation and several even include picnic lunches and drinks while visiting.

Next time travelers visit the Mexican Caribbean, especially during the peak fall and winter travel seasons, it might be nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of the beaches and hotel zone and explore a little about the wildlife that also call the local region home.