sri lanka reopening to tourists

Sri Lanka Reopening Date for Tourism still Indefinite

Updated Nov 30.

Sri Lanka has banned entry to all national, resident, and foreign citizens. If you are a local or resident returning home, you must contact the Sri Lanka High Commissioner to learn about the process you need to follow to be granted access to the country.

As of today, International borders continue to be closed for all non-essential travelers, and only domestic travel is permitted. Bandaranaike International Airport (CMB) only accepts special flights and even repatriation flights have been canceled. A reopening date has not been officially announced yet.

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What is the situation for airports and airlines in Sri Lanka? 

Sri Lanka airports - Travel restrictions

Ashok Pathirage, one of Sri Lanka’s founders of the Softlogic Group, and chairman of SriLankan Airlines is very confident about the possibility to reopen tourism soon. He states they have been working around the clock to adapt their operations to meet the country’s Health & Safety Guidelines and the challenging requirements of the “new normal”.

However, Bandaranaike International Airport (CMB) is only accepting special flights and even repatriation flights have been canceled. Unfortunately, a reopening date has not been officially announced yet.

Warning! – You should take 3 different COVID-19 tests in order to be granted access to Sri Lanka 

  • First test: visitors are required to show proof of a negative PCR test, taken within 72 hours, prior arrival. 
  • Second test: you must take another PCR test upon arrival. 
  • Third test: a final third test will be required after a period of quarantine and before you can resume your trip.  
  • Finally, the money for all of these tests would come out of your pocket along with any lodging costs for the duration of your quarantine.

Has Sri Lanka managed to control the COVID-19 pandemic? 

As of November 4, International borders continue to be closed for all non-essential travelers and only domestic travel is permitted.


In comparison with other countries where the pandemic is still out of control and death tolls won’t stop increasing, Sri Lanka authorities seem to have tackled the problem to the ground.

The country has reported 22,501 cases and 107 deaths until November 30.

One potential explanation of their success at managing the pandemic may be the strict protocols local airline crews and foreign visitors (at least those allowed) need to follow to enter and exit the country. 

How safe is Sri Lanka now?

According to the CDC, Sri Lanka is at warning level 4 what means high alert and traveling to Sri Lanka is not recommended. (

Why should Sri Lanka be on your (hopefully) post-pandemic or “new normal” bucket list? 

Sri Lanka reopening for tourism - Travel restrictions

The stunning landscapes, fascinating heritage, and the warmth of their population have made the small country island of Sri Lanka a must-see for travelers worldwide. Today, when many countries are focusing their efforts on reactivating their economies, we wonder, as you probably do too, when we will be able to bathe in the beautiful Sri Lankan beaches again.

Sri Lanka is home to wildlife-packed national parks, sparkling beaches, blue whales and dolphins, tea plantations, and way more. Here are our recommendations for places you can’t miss.

Gal Oya National Park

Don’t miss the forest where you can find rare plants of medicinal value such as Triphala. 

Mirissa Blue Whale Watching 

Perhaps we will all be in luck and the country does open in time for us to partake in the miracle that is to personally witness these beautiful animals migrating to better waters to mate from December to April.

Koneswaram Kovil

This temple overlooking the sea is not only a site of Hindu pilgrimage but also a beautiful place for every person looking to be quiet for a moment and enjoy the little magical places where nature and man-made wonders have found a perfect balance. 

Hikkaduwa Beach

Considered one of the best Hikkaduwa surfing spots in Sri Lanka, it has become popular among visitors thanks to its clear and hot waters and because waves size ranges from 4 to 11 feet. You can enjoy the best surfing during its dry season, from November to March.

Pigeon Island National Park

Pigeon Island is a national park home to 100 species of coral and 300 coral reef fish. This natural place is located within the dry zone of Sri Lanka.

Be in touch for updates about this wonderful place!