Thailand Extending Length Of Its Visa-On-Arrival From October 1

Thailand Extending Length Of Its Visa-On-Arrival From October 1

Travelers to Thailand will soon be able to receive a 45-day visa stamp from immigration authorities upon arrival. Previously, tourists could stay for a total of 30 days in a single trip.

This visa applies to travelers who arrive between October 1, 2022 and March 31, 2023. The previous 30-day limit will apply for arrivals outside of these dates.

The extra two weeks allow travelers to spend more time off the beaten path. Digital nomads and people who want to explore more small towns will have plenty of time with this travel visa extension.

Travelers from Canada, United States, United Kingdom and 30 other countries may request this visa extension. The government aims to attract an additional 10 million visitors during the six-month period.

This visa policy change coincides with the Thai health authority’s decision to treat COVID-19 like influenza. The country homes that the longer visas will encourage more tourists to visit.

Since the pandemic, Thai’s economy has struggled. The government’s strict pandemic response also curtailed a lot of economic activity.

The entire Thai government received instruction to comply with the visa change.

Thailand’s warm weather, hospitality, and picture-perfect beaches attract tourists from around the world. The country’s delicious food and friendly locals also motivate many people to come back again and again after their first visit.

Tourists in Thailand get to experience everything from lush jungles to the bustling metropolis of Bangkok. The low daily cost for food and lodging makes Thailand a favorite among students and backpackers.