backpacking around the world

10+ Things You Learn While Backpacking Around The World

While traveling around the world with your backpack you get into various situations which will be completely new for you! You’ll be forced to adjust and learn something new everyday! It’s definitely one of the best types of alternative education.

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1. Living out of your comfort zone!

living out of your comfort zone

You’ll end up in plenty of situations which will be completely new for you! They might not be always pleasant but they’ll open whole new life experience for you. You will learn a lot about yourself, your mind and your limits!

Remember! Magic happens out of your comfort zone… and you want more magic moments in your life, right?

2. Lost in Time! Everyday is Saturday 🙂

traveling lifestyle chillout

— Chilling in Grand Canyon National Park

After a while you stop following your plans and schedule! You decide to chillout more and enjoy the moment. You stop thinking where you going next and just live the moment.

You’ll find yourself having troubles to answer the question: “What day is today?” – You’ll answer “I don’t care” – with smile on your face!

3. Patience!

In every single country public transport, public services or society work differently! Most of the time it’s pretty unpredictable.

You’ll get use to it. Just be patient! For example: in Vietnam.. just crossing a road might be an issue!

crossing a street in vietnam

4. Sharing is caring!

Sharing a room, food or experience is everyday routine. It makes you a better person and you learn how to take care of people and nature much better!

You’ll become caring (kind) person!

5. Saving money!

How much? How much? How much? – is everyday question for food, groceries, transport, services, tours etc. Back in your country you know most of the prices, abroad you have to ask for  it! It makes you wonder if you’re not being ripped off because you’re foreigner. You definitely don’t want to be ripped off and support this worldwide stereotype!

Bargain! Make sure you not being ripped off, don’t make it so easy for “local businessmen”.

On the other side! If you’re brave enough… you don’t even need that much money. Check this funny and interesting video “how to travel the world with almost no money” by Tomislav Perko.

6. Long term happiness!

happy guys from traveling lifestyle

— Happy Traveling Lifestyle Fellas

When you’re traveling for a long period from place to place, from country to country and you’re fulfilling your dreams… you’re constantly happy. This fact will change you for the rest of your life.. It’s like a “tattoo in your brain” … feeling you will always remember!

If you find yourself not enjoying it, try to find out what’s wrong and change it! If that doesn’t work, take a break from travelling! Settle down, do different things, such as, sports, read books, work online, write a blog, go to parties, cook … whatever!

7. Eating local food with local people!

papaya salad

— Papaya Salad in South of Thailand —

Usually it tastes better and it feels better! You feel more integrated, closer to local culture and local community.

Eat street food! – good street food!

8. “You’ll start hatting tourists!” – haha

Once you pass first 7 points of this article, you’ll hate tourists and you will call yourself a traveler!

You’ll see them almost everywhere! Having LAZY holiday, loading themselves with food in fancy places, taking taxi everywhere, complaining about services (being impatient – point n.3), walking with umbrellas, wasting money on stupidities, etc. Simply, the exact opposite what do!

9. Chillout! Relax! Meditate!

While traveling you’ll pass so many places where you just don’t want to take a picture and leave! You want to stay there enjoy the moment, view, sounds & noises or atmosphere.

It clears your mind and you just focus on the present moment! You learn how to truly relax / meditate!


— Amazing sunset at Venice Beach in LA, California

10. You’ll learn different cultures and your own culture as well!

Learning cultures is an amazing experience because there are plenty of small and big differences and we’re all the same human being! Understanding differences between cultures is literally never ending process of education.

On the other side, you’ll end up explaining and presenting your own culture! That’s how you’ll learn more about it.

11. Travel Education

If you pass all previous 10 points, you can definitely say that traveling is an alternative form of education. While traveling around the world, you learn something new every day.

You’ll improve your skills, such as, geography, cultures, foreign languages, communication, motivation, etc. These are pretty much general skills but you’ll  definitely have more time for reading and learning something you’ve never had time before.

12. Natural Confidence

robert from traveling lifestyle

While backpacking around the world you’ll meet plenty of people who inspire you, motivate or teach you something new. Or you’ll be the one doing it!

You’ll get to the different life situations which inspire, motivate or teach you something new as well!

All these together will shape you personality in an amazing way and you’ll become very approachable and open-minded person with natural confidence! (traveller forever!)


… this is our list of things you learn while backpacking around the world! If you have any other suggestions please post in the comment section of this article… thanks!