This Hidden Island Is Becoming One Of The Trendiest Destinations In Asia In 2023

This Hidden Island Is Becoming One Of The Trendiest Destinations In Asia In 2023

Due to the globalization of Korean popular culture, South Korea is increasingly becoming regarded as an emerging tourist destination.

Jeju, South Korea, a beautiful volcanic island often referred to as the Hawaii of South Korea, was just named one of TIME Magazine’s 50 World’s Greatest Places 2023. With its stunning natural scenery, rich cultural heritage, and delicious cuisine, Jeju Island is a popular destination for both domestic and international tourists.

One of the most popular attractions on Jeju Island is Hallasan National Park, which is home to South Korea’s highest mountain, Mount Halla. Visitors can hike to the top of the mountain for breathtaking views of the island and the surrounding ocean. Another popular natural attraction is the Manjanggul Cave, one of the world’s largest lava tubes. The cave features unique rock formations and is home to a colony of rare bats.

Jeju Island is also known for its unique culture and history. The island has a long tradition of female divers, known as haenyeo, who harvest seafood from the ocean without the use of modern equipment. Visitors can watch these skilled divers in action and even try some of the fresh seafood they catch. The island is also home to several UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the Dolmen Sites and the Jeju Volcanic Island and Lava Tubes.

InsideAsia Tours, a leading provider of guided tours of Asia, has added three new itineraries to the nation in response to popular demand, including a low-cost itinerary and one ideal for families with teenagers. This comes ten months after the company unveiled its special South Korea brochure and the first itineraries.

“The Korean Wave, also known as Hallyu, is the phenomenon that has seen interest in contemporary Korean culture, and has continued to grow all over the world through the spread of K-pop and K-drama. As a result, InsideAsia Tours has seen an increase in the desire to travel and explore South Korea too and looks forward to showcasing this amazing destination with its travelers,” said Jason Martin, InsideAsia Tours’ US Branch Manager.

Airlines are doing the same. Delta Air Lines, for example, increased its nonstop flights to South Korea in December, adding a new service between Seattle-Tacoma International Airport and Seoul-Incheon International Airport three days a week, offering fifteen flights a week between the country and the United States.

“Korea travel demand has strongly rebounded since the reopening in April, leading recovery in Asia,” Delta Vice President Matteo Curcio said during the initial announcement.

In addition to current trends in pop culture, music, and television shows, travelers are drawn to South Korea for a variety of reasons. Similar to Japan, the country offers easy access to a long history and rich culture thanks to extensive train, bus and air connections.

It is a terrific destination for people who have traveled to other parts of East Asia, as well as international tourists on a budget, as it is significantly cheaper to visit than Japan.

Travel agents who want to learn more about organizing travel to South Korea might consider signing up for the Travel Agent Academy’s free South Korea Travel Specialist course.