This Magical Town Near Cancun Named One The Best And Safest To Visit In Mexico In 2024

This Magical Town Near Cancun Named One The Best Places In Mexico For 2024

This charming Magic Town near Cancun has gained a lot of popularity recently, so Travel & Leisure’s travel experts named it one of the best places for a getaway in 2024.  

In addition to the incredibly casual street food, Merida boasts a diverse and extensive culinary scene that includes both fine and casual dining options.  

The latter is well-liked in Merida, where several parks are home to a large number of food truck stands serving regional specialties like Salbutes and Sopa de Lima.   

In addition, many excellent restaurants are offering regional specialties.  

In 2023, Mérida has solidified its reputation of the safest place to visit in Mexico. This charming colonial city, located in the Yucatán Peninsula, has consistently ranked high on safety indexes due to its low crime rates and welcoming atmosphere.

Beautiful buildings that tell Merida’s history can be found all over the city.   

The white limestone facades of many buildings are very striking when the sun shines on them.   

The city is dubbed La Ciudad Blanca, or the White City.  There are also vibrant colonial buildings lining the streets, housing eateries and shops for you to discover.  

Merida offers an entirely different experience from the Caribbean coast destinations because it is much quieter and more relaxed.   

Visitors come here to explore the rich history of the city, the Mayan culture, and the historic buildings and mansions instead of partying on the beach.   

However, local events are frequently held in the Plaza Grande in the middle of town, so you can almost always find excitement there if you need it.   

Merida offers smaller, more intimate boutique hotels as well as converted historic mansions into lodging instead of sprawling, contemporary all-inclusive resorts.   

In Merida, nightly hotel rates range from $50 for well-regarded accommodations to $250 for the most opulent properties.

Nature lovers will not find themselves without something to do in the surrounding area of Merida, despite the city’s size.  

Merida has its own zoo, Parque Zoologico del Centenario, and nature reserve, Reserva Ecologica Cuxtal, in addition to being surrounded by gorgeous parks.  Furthermore, plans are also underway for a new “Central Park.”   

Famous Maya ruins are only a few minutes away, and there are many cenotes in the area, some of which are located in Merida.   

Despite its historical significance, Merida is also a notably modern city.

Encounter historic buildings and mansions with preserved exteriors and modernized interiors.  

Until now, visitors from Cancun who wanted to see Merida had to pay for pricey transportation or rent a car to get there.   

But now that the Maya Train is operational, traveling to Merida will be less expensive and easier than before.