This Place Is Becoming New Most Popular Destination In The Mexican Caribbean

This Place Is Becoming The New Most Popular Destination In The Mexican Caribbean

While Cancun and the Riviera Maya in Mexico have long been popular with travelers seeking better-known locations, a number of renowned travel experts have stated that consultants should also recommend Tulum.

According to the consultants, Tulum offers many of the attractions tourists seek today, from yoga retreats for the health and wellness niche to preserved ruins of an ancient Mayan port city for adventure travelers.

Most importantly, the city is getting a brand-new airport and several swanky hotels.

“Tulum is the new kid on the block,” said Sally Smith, co-owner of The TravelSmiths. “Even though it has been there for centuries, it is the new shiny penny. Travelers have done Cancun, Riviera Maya and Cabo.”

In addition, the region can expect an increase in the number of visitors due to the construction of a new airport.

There will be a military base at the brand-new Felipe Carrillo Puerto Airport in Tulum, which will receive four million travelers annually. The Tulum airport will be operational in May next year.

“We continue to get more and more interest both in the Tulum area with the airport about to open next May,” said Mitch Toren, a Mexico specialist with TripGuy Travel. “More and more people are looking to explore outside of the hotel zone of Cancun, both north and south, to experience more of the area.”

The appeal, according to Smith, is that Tulum is only 73 miles—or roughly a 90-minute drive—from the Cancun airport. “It offers historical sites, white sand Beaches, sky blue waters, natural cenotes and a cool hip vibe,” said Smith. “It has great boutique hotels and restaurants. The beach is great too and there is a lot ecotourism offerings here.”

Danielle Stephens, an advisor with Unique Romance and Adventure, said Tulum offers “Instagram-worthy spots which has made the destination trending on social media.”

“The combination of its natural beauty, cultural heritage, laid-back vibe, and sustainable tourism initiatives has contributed to Tulum’s popularity as a sought-after destination,” said Stephens.

She claimed that social media users looking for Instagram-worthy photo opportunities are drawn to Tulum’s appealing esthetic, which includes vibrant street art, stylish boutique hotels, and boho-chic beach clubs.

Expected to open later this year in Tulum, Secrets Tulum Resort & Beach Club presents an idyllic adults-only retreat set amid a verdant mangrove backdrop. Guests can enjoy the seclusion of the exclusive beach club while choosing from 301 luxurious suites that blend harmoniously with the jungle and beach surroundings. However, Amanda Bisack, esteemed advisor and founder of Travelista Travels, wholeheartedly recommends La Valise as an alternative to consider.

“La valise, a boutique of oasis is situated between the pristine beaches of Tulum and the mystic Mayan jungle,” Amanda Bisack, advisor and founder of Travelista Travels, highly recommends La Valise. “The La Valise is wonderful holiday destination that just pamper you with in the magical contrast of two worlds.”

And Tulum is such an easy sell because of the combination of nature and beach. “The hotels are also unique and resemble those of something in further away regions like Bali,” said Stephens, “which means people can get a similar unique experience, but stay much closer to home and it’s more affordable.”