This U.S. Airline Is The First To Announce Direct Flights To New Tulum Airport

This U.S. Airline Is The First To Announce Direct Flights To New Tulum Airport

Delta has recently announced plans to provide daily flights from Atlanta (Jackson Atlanta International Airport) to Tulum (Felipe Carrillo Puerto International Airport).

The new flights to Tulum’s newly established airport are set to begin by the end of March 2024.

Customers will get an opportunity to travel at their own convenience from the United States to Tulum. The flights to Tulum are set to operate annually on Delta’s 160-seat Boeing 737-800.

Tulum’s airport project

The launch of Tulum’s newly established Felipe Carrillo International Airport is expected to open up the Riviera Maya region to more tourists by December 2023. According to a statement by Mara Lezama Espinosa, the governor of Quintana Roo, the newly launched airport will provide visitors with endless opportunities to see what the Maya region has to offer.

Predictions from the project manager of the airport project (General Gustavo Ricardo Vallejo Suarez) reveal that the airport will be able to serve approximately 5.5 million people annually. The bulk (75%) of the arriving passengers are expected to come from overseas; most visitors are expected to come from Canada and the United States.

Why is Tulum growing in popularity?

Tulum is a region in Mexico’s southeastern peninsula that is slowly growing in popularity. One of the key reasons why many visitors are attracted to the region is the spectacular beaches and the historical significance of the region.

Travelers to Tulum get an opportunity to learn more about the Ancient Maya history. Tulum is home to multiple archaeological sites which have been attracting a huge number of tourists over the years.

The newly established Maya train will allow visitors to get a glimpse of the historical setting of the region and its connection to ancient Maya tradition. With the launch of the new airport in Tulum, the region can expect to receive huge numbers of visitors from Chicago, Toronto and San Francisco.