U.S. State Department Red-Flagged Another 16 Destinations

U.S. State Department Red-Flagged Another 16 Destinations

Monday’s travel advisories, which affected a wide range of countries on many continents, showed that even after the pandemic, there are many other aspects visitors should keep in mind when traveling abroad.

The U.S. State Department has just released 16 new travel advisories. The travel advisories were posted on the State Department’s website.

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In yesterday’s travel alert updates, Level 1 travel advisories were issued for an additional 7 countries, bringing the total to 81. These 7 countries and their CDC-established Covid 19 levels are:

Angola (low Covid-19 level)

Comoros (low Covid-19 level)

Dominica (unknown Covid-19 level)

Equatorial Guinea (low Covid-19 level)

Fiji (high Covid-19 level)

Poland (high Covid-19 level) and 

Togo (moderate Covid-19 level).

In addition, five destinations were included in the level 2 category, which warns tourists to be more careful. They are:

Bangladesh: due to crime, terrorism, and kidnappings, you should be especially careful there. (Low Covid-19 Level)

Bosnia & Herzegovina: Due to landmines and terrorism, you should be extra cautious there (high Covid-19 level)

India: Due to crime and terrorism, you should be especially careful there. Moderate Covid-19 level.

Laos: due to civil unrest you should proceed with caution (Covid-19 level is unknown)

Philippines: Due to crime, terrorism, civil unrest, and kidnappings, you should exercise extra caution when traveling there (the Covid 19 level is moderate)

A level 3 travel warning was issued for four countries. Because of its high crime rate, El Salvador, which has a moderate level of Covid-19, was classified as Level 3. This also applies to Honduras, which has a high Covid-19 activity, according to the CDC. 

Due to armed conflict, civil unrest, communication breakdowns, crime, and the risk of terrorism and kidnapping in border areas, travelers should reconsider their plans to travel to Ethiopia (moderate Covid-19).

Due to Moldova’s proximity to the war in Ukraine, travelers with plans for the country should also reconsider (moderate covid-19).