10 Places For Digital Nomads With Living Costs Under $900/Month

10 Places for Digital Nomads With Living Costs Under $900/Month

These are the nations with the lowest cost of living and the most favorable visa policies for digital nomads. Local elements like connectivity, tourism opportunities, and the working environment are also considered in this list.

The following ten locations are ideal for digital nomads based on data from worldpopulationreview.com and numbeo.com.

10. Grecia, Costa Rica

Average living cost in Costa Rica: $852 per month

The World Population Review estimates that the average monthly cost of living in Costa Rica is $852. Located in the province of Alajuela, Grecia is among the most affordable places to live in the nation. It still has, however, all of Costa Rica’s amazing natural treasures.

Expense ItemCost
Meal at a local restaurant$7.61
Single ticket on local transport$1.06
Monthly utilities$79.86
Monthly rent$367.59

9. Praia, Cape Verde

Average living cost in Costa Rica: $797 per month

Although vacationers from Europe frequently visit Cape Verde’s sandy beaches, the destination is also becoming more and more appreciated among digital nomads. Under the nation’s Remote Working Program, remote workers are permitted to reside there for an initial period of six months.

Expense ItemCost
Meal at a local restaurant$4.47
Single ticket on local transport$0.76
Monthly utilities$82.51
Monthly rent$248.47

8. Quito, Ecuador

Average living cost in Ecuador: $756 per month

Quito is experiencing robust annual economic growth. Even with these advancements, the city continues to be affordable for digital nomads, with average monthly living expenses in Ecuador of $756.

Expense ItemCost
Meal at a local restaurant$4.00
Single ticket on local transport$0.35
Monthly utilities$35.27
Monthly rent$414.41

7. Podgorica, Montenegro

Average living cost in Montenegro: $720 per month

According to a Post Office Travel Money study from the previous year, Podgorica, Montenegro, was hailed as the most affordable destination in Europe. The study took into account expenses for things like drinks, sightseeing, and city transportation. Living expenses per month come to $720.

Expense ItemCost
Meal at a local restaurant$7.00
Single ticket on local transport$0.90
Monthly utilities$102.41
Monthly rent$508.00

6. Timișoara, Romania

Average living cost in Romania: $652 per month

Timișoara is among the least expensive cities in Europe to visit. For those who are staying longer than the typical tourist, it is still a desirable destination. Timișoara is a great place for remote workers to take advantage of Romania’s digital nomad visa because of its low average monthly cost of living of $652.

Meal at a local restaurant$8.78
Single ticket on local transport$0.88
Monthly utilities$143.92
Monthly rent$411.13

5. Curepipe, Mauritius

Average living cost in Mauritius: $651 per month

After Port-Louis, Curepipe is the second-largest town in Mauritius. Situated in the western highlands, this place is a verdant canvas with botanical gardens, waterfalls, and a dormant volcanic crater. At just $651 per month, it’s a great place to work and relax.

Expense ItemCost
Meal at a local restaurant$5.11
Single ticket on local transport$0.91
Monthly utilities$46.85
Monthly rent$416.48

4. Curitiba, Brazil

Average living cost in Brazil: $601 per month

The city is an excellent hub for nomads in the area because it is not too far from Uruguay and Paraguay. Curitiba, with monthly living expenses of just $601, is a pleasant diversion from the crowded coastal metropolises of Brazil.

Expense ItemCost
Meal at a local restaurant$5.57
Single ticket on local transport$1.21
Monthly utilities$79.96
Monthly rent$352.74

3. Bogotá, Colombia

Average living cost in Colombia: $574 per month

From the Andes and the Amazon to the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, Colombia has a bit of everything for everyone, especially with $574 per month living costs. So, nomads may consider hopping between the range of cities and towns of the Latin American nation during their stay.

Expense ItemCost
Meal at a local restaurant$4.57
Single ticket on local transport$0.75
Monthly utilities$88.41
Monthly rent$417.03

2. Córdoba, Argentina

Average living cost in Argentina: $494 per month

The general cost of living in Argentina is only $494 per month. Because of its work-life balance, Córdoba is a great place to use the nation’s digital nomad visa. Córdoba is significantly less expensive than Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. 

Expense ItemCost
Meal at a local restaurant$5.00
Single ticket on local transport$0.65
Monthly utilities$52.31
Monthly rent$228.26

1. Negombo, Sri Lanka

Average living cost in Sri Lanka: $428 per month

In 2023, Sri Lanka launched a Digital Nomad visa, offering remote workers the most affordable cost of living. Nomads can enjoy plenty of sun and sea at the Indian Ocean nation’s coasts for as little as $428 per month.

Expense ItemCost
Meal at a local restaurant$1.53
Single ticket on local transport$0.12
Monthly utilities$30.55
Monthly rent$106.93

About the cost of living data sources

WorldPopulationReview.com stands out as a comprehensive online resource, offering in-depth data on global living costs. Their approach to gathering cost of living data involves synthesizing information from various reputable sources, ensuring accuracy and reliability. This platform is especially valuable for its detailed breakdowns of expenses, from housing and utilities to transportation and groceries.

Numbeo.com distinguishes itself as a unique and dynamic online platform for cost-of-living data, primarily driven by its user-contributed approach. This crowdsourced model allows the website to gather real-time, on-the-ground cost information from residents and expatriates across the globe, offering a diverse and up-to-date perspective on living expenses. From rent prices to daily consumer goods, Numbeo’s extensive database reflects the current economic conditions of cities and countries.

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