5 TOP European Summer Travel Trends In 2023

5 TOP Summer Travel Trends For Europe In 2023

The outlook for the upcoming European travel season is highly optimistic, with expectations pointing towards a full recovery and potential surpassing of pre-pandemic levels witnessed in 2019. The continent is on a positive trajectory, indicating a promising summer for the travel industry.

Looking for connection

In Europe, there is a trend among travelers to actively seek a deeper connection to the communities and attractions they encounter. This inclination is reflected in their choice of tours and excursions. 

According to Adam Lawless, director of communication at Viator, U.S. travelers are increasingly drawn to historic tours, cultural experiences and outdoor adventures. These activities consistently rank among the most popular options based on the 2023 Viator Experience Awards.

Make the most of the destination

Tours and experiences that provide a behind-the-scenes look at a well-known destination or art gallery are also becoming increasingly popular, as they offer the opportunity to learn more about a place while providing a unique experience that is ideal for posting on social media.

The famous cathedral in York, England, called York Minster, serves as a beautiful illustration of this. The Minster’s stonemasons can now be seen at work before visitors climb the scaffolding to get a glimpse of the ongoing renovations and see both medieval and contemporary stonework and grotesques.

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Packing Their Values

According to a recent analysis by Euromonitor, consumer values feed into every aspect of their lifestyle, with vacation choices increasingly reflecting consumer preferences, attitudes and interests. From 2023 to 2027, value-based packages are expected to outpace regular packages with an average value growth of nearly 12% per year.

The Rail Renaissance 

According to Jody Bauer, research analyst at Eurail, there is a notable resurgence of interest in train travel as travelers take a more leisurely approach to exploring the diverse offerings in Europe. Eurail has observed this trend firsthand. 

The number of U.S. travelers has increased significantly, even surpassing 2019 levels and outpacing other international markets. This new enthusiasm for train travel is driven by the growing rail network, improved infrastructure and the introduction of new overnight trains. As a result, train travel in Europe is expected to maintain its popularity and continue to grow in the coming years.


Electric modes of transportation such as e-scooters, e-bikes and e-tuk-tuks have become increasingly common, revolutionizing the way travelers move around major European cities and even venture into the countryside. The introduction of e-bikes in the Alps has made mountain biking accessible to a greater number of people who might not have otherwise enjoyed the experience. 

In vibrant European metropolises, e-scooters and e-bikes have made it easier to explore beyond the confines of city centers, allowing travelers to discover and traverse different parts of the city. This shift toward electric mobility options is changing the way tourists get around and enhancing their ability to explore both urban and rural areas in Europe.