Airbnb Adds Safety Features to Stay Protected As A Solo Traveler

Airbnb Adds Safety Features to Stay Protected As A Solo Traveler

Airbnb is launching a new service aimed at providing a safe experience for solo travelers.

If you plan to travel alone, be sure to take advantage of these new features when booking your next Airbnb.

“We recognize that the trust and safety of our solo traveler community is critical. As we saw the solo traveling and “live anywhere” trends begin to accelerate, our Trust team began working last year on a new product aimed at promoting a safe and secure experience for solo travelers, and we’re proud to announce it today,” reads a press release.

New in-app experience for solo travelers for shared or private rooms. 

Airbnb customers can now share their reservation itinerary with others, including the listing address, reservation number, and check-in and check-out dates.

In addition, based on local insights from solo travelers, Airbnb will prompt customers to ask their hosts questions about the property and neighborhood once they book.

You can now use the app to get advice from Airbnb “experts” before and during your vacation.

Possible tips include travel alerts for foreign countries or how to organize your transportation before you travel.

During your vacation, the app can also provide advice on local transportation alternatives in a particular location, as well as best practices for contacting vs catching a cab, and other useful information.

For the time being, these additional features are only available to English-speaking Airbnb members. However, the company plans to expand this feature to other nations and languages, as well as to whole-house bookings, next year.

“Additionally, we recognize that female solo traveler safety is top of mind for the travel community right now. As we began developing the product, it became apparent that this could benefit all solo travelers, so the in-app experience will be made accessible to guests regardless of their gender identity,” adds the statement.