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Compare Travel Insurance in Australia

The world is an amazing place, and whether it’s a trip to the Gold Coast or the other side of the world, travelling is one of the great experiences of life. However, no matter how well you plan any trip, things can go wrong, leaving you in a difficult situation, possibly even in another country. Whether it is illness, failed transportation arrangements or having your possessions stolen, these incidents can be very costly to deal with, and this is where travel insurance comes in, but how do you find the best insurance for your needs?

There are several compare sites that will help you find the best priced insurance for your trip, but spending half an hour doing that is not going to be on the top ten things to do on a Sunday evening list any time soon, so the less time spent looking at those sites the better! That means doing your homework first, and understanding the insurances on offer, so you can establish exactly what you need before you start looking at prices.

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The cost of travel insurance depends on a few things, your age, your destination and the kind of cover you need. The United States is currently the most expensive destination to insure for Australians, however even for there the prices have been falling, and for the cover you get, travel insurance today is relatively cheap. The real issue with travel insurance though, is that the wrong cover can be as bad as having no cover at all, and this is the critical part of choosing your travel policy.

If the policy excludes a particular activity, and you are injured doing that activity, you get nothing, no help, you are essentially uninsured. The same problem can appear if you fall ill to an uncovered medical problem, or even find yourself in the wrong situation, and this is why what the policy covers is just as important, and perhaps more important, than the cost of the cover.

If you are planning on parasailing, rock climbing, scuba diving, rafting down white water or any other adventure activity, it is absolutely vital that your policy covers you for it. Similarly, if you have a history of a particular medical condition, or know you are susceptible, then it is crucial to ensure that it is part of the policy and not excluded in any small print.

The key is to be upfront with the insurance company, explain exactly what you are doing, or any condition that may affect you, and ask them to confirm that you will be covered for those things. With travel insurance, it really is all about the policy, so when comparing prices, make sure the policy you are looking at actually covers your needs, and then double check it before you  take out the policy.

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