5 Countries With The Easiest Visas For Digital Nomads In 2023

5 Countries With The Easiest Visas For Digital Nomads In 2023

Remote workers and self-employed nomads seeking to live and work abroad in 2023 will find these nations more accessible as they provide digital nomad visas with fewer burdensome requirements:

5. Costa Rica

Costa Rica Is Transforming Short-Term Visitors Into Digital Nomads

Costa Rica provides a convenient visa for digital nomads that is attractive and easy to obtain.

Although you must make at least $3,000 per month to qualify for the Costa Rican digital nomad visa, it is relatively simple to apply for, valid for one year and has the option of being extended for an additional year.

4. Croatia

You must have earned at least $2,465 each month for the previous six months, or have $29,588 in your bank account, to qualify for a Croatian digital nomad visa.

3. Hungary

Meet White Card: Hungary’s New Digital Nomad Visa

For remote professionals who wish to reside and work in Europe, Hungary provides an excellent digital nomad visa program.

This visa has a one-year validity period that may be extended for an additional year.

A $112 application fee and proof of income up to $2,048 per month are required.

2. Ecuador

Ecuador is another nation in South America that provides easy visas for digital nomads. Like Colombia, this visa is valid for a maximum of two years.

You need to make at least $1,284 per month in order to qualify for Ecuador’s digital nomad visa, and there is a $460 application fee.

1. Colombia

One of the world’s easiest visas for digital nomads is available from Colombia. Only a $52 application fee and evidence of income totaling $684 per month are required of applicants.

It is valid for two years.

BONUS: Countries Where Digital Nomads Can Live Visa-Free

Although these nations don’t issue official visas for digital nomads, Americans (and visitors from many other nationalities) can enter these countries and stay for an extended period of time with only a tourist visa.

  • Georgia (1 year)
  • Albania (1 year)
  • Mexico (6 months)
  • Panama (6 months)
  • United Kingdom (6 months)
  • Barbados (6 months)
  • Dominica (6 months)

You’ll need to conduct your own research to see whether you may legally work as a digital nomad in each of these nations since they do not have a formal application process for tourist visas.