Cancun Implements Total Ban On Smoking In Public Spaces

Smoking Has Been Banned In Cancun Beaches, Resorts, And Public Spaces

With the expansion of the national ban on smoking in public places, the Mexican government has made a significant effort to improve the quality of the air breathed in popular tourist attractions. 

Smoking is now not allowed in any public areas in Cancun, including beaches and resorts.

The Pan American Health Organization applauded this ban because it is one of the broadest and most comprehensive of its kind in the world.   

The ban is the result of a 13-year effort to bring Mexican tobacco control and prevention policies in line with those of the rest of the world.

Now, Mexico will be one of the leaders in this crucial effort to reduce its usage and the problems it causes. Dr. Cristian Morales Fuhrimann, a representative of the Pan American Health Organization, reacted on the action and said “This amendment represents a historic step forward for Mexico in its anti-smoking policies and reaffirms its role as one of the leaders in the fight against tobacco in the world.” 

The use of vapor products and e-cigarettes is also covered by the law, with a focus on the indoor use of these items. For these types of products, the government has imposed stricter regulations and restrictions, but it is not yet clear what these will be. The law even prohibits the mere display of cigarettes in stores and also prohibits the advertising of cigarettes in them. 

Hotels, on the other hand, no longer provide smoking rooms in their facilities, and this rule also applies to hotel terraces. Since it is now against federal law, tourists must also refrain from smoking on beaches, although it is not yet clear what the penalty will be if they are caught doing so. Smoking was already banned in bars and restaurants, but the regulation has now been extended to outdoor venues.

There are still questions about how smokers would react to the law and possible smoking areas, but one thing is clear, and that is where not to smoke.