Marc Lo Porto, France

I’ve met Marc in Sri Lanka in March 2015. I came there with my brother to explore this unique country. We met by accident in a small village Midigama, where we stopped for a short break while looking for an accommodation. I saw him on the street among old houses going with the surfboard. He advised me to a local guy who is renting few rooms. We’ve decided to stay. During couple of weeks we met each other on the beach, in the village, by the dinner with the locals and so on. We talked few times, Marc is form France but maybe a bit from everywhere, he is something like a ‘full-time traveller’, guy with friendly personality, he is great surfer, he was enjoying the waves everyday and as a very interesting person is perfect target for a short questioning 🙂 I admire people like Marc for they passion and love what they do. They seem soo independent because simply they are. With Marc we could talk and talk about his adventures for days. This is just a tip of an iceberg. Well perhaps you’ll visit his check some pictures or even buy one of his books full of stories.

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Name: Marc Lo Porto
Nickname: Zenzela
Age: 40

For how long have you been travelling?

… been moving around all my life but more intensively for the past 20 years.

How many countries have you travelled so far?

I’ve never sat down to count it but must be over 80 by now…

Why did you start to travel?

Spanish mom… Sicilian dad… born in Morocco… grew up in France… moved to California when I was 18… make sense?

How do you finance yourself?

Many jobs… like Zephyr surf shop in Venice… published a couple of books… some freelancing… now started a bicycle lights company just save until I got enough to go… then work some more…

marcloporto#3The most favourite photo you took?

Probably some of the earlier ones from my first book Fantasy Land. Check on my website and click on MLPublishing.

The best moment while traveling?


…maybe reaching Brasil after driving across north and south America for almost 3 years in an old VW bus (second book Panamoricana)

…finding some perfect empty surf spot in west Africa after months of driving… I don’t know… many moments I guess…

How the travels has changed you?

I’m not sure travels has actually changed me as a person too much… I’ve just learned lots of geography and history… understand some connections between people and places better… but I try to be the same person always…


I believe in people… I don’t have a personal favourite God but try to respect them all… I just try not to mess with any of them but I hate how some people use them wrongly…



Everything happens for a reason…

What’s your attitude towards money?

I love money… but fortunately I don’t need too much of it to be happy…

… People?marcloporto#4

Same as money jejejej

… Animals?

They are as beautiful as terrible…

… Nature?

Not sure what nature is… it s too big to even define in one word…


Do you do any sports?

Surfing, ride my bike…

Play any instruments?



Tried it once… but love masterpieces

What do you feel when you doing it?

Feel like an artist jejeje

marcloporto#1Who is the most interesting person you’ve ever met?

Met quite a few very interesting people… it s like places… every place has it s own interest.. same with people…

Best place?

Same as people jejeje

Country to live (where would you like to settle down once) ?according to your travels

I’m a nomad… I don’t live anywhere more than 3 months I guess… would love to settle down but where?

Future plans?

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