Los Cabos Ranks Among Mexico’s Top Secure Travel Destinations, According To INEGI Report

Los Cabos Ranks Among Mexico's Top Secure Travel Destinations, According To INEGI Report

The deputy attorney who oversees Los Cabos spoke about the security situation in the well-known tourist area in a recent interview.

Cabo is the fourth-safest city in Mexico, in accordance with him and the information provided by INEGI, the country’s data collection institution. 75 distinct Mexican cities are listed in the ranking. 

As a result, the Cabo region is the fourth safest Mexican metropolitan area. It also has the highest rating of all known tourist destinations on the list.

What the Deputy District Attorney addressed in his interview is the fact that this sense of safety and tranquility was not necessarily the norm in Cabo a few years ago.

Having said that, Cabo has happily avoided any significant violent incidents during the past five years. The Deputy Attorney said, 

“Fortunately, at the moment, we are not fighting catastrophic events like we had from 2014 to 2018; currently our impact crimes are robberies with violence at convenience stores and home burglaries. However, we have continued working to achieve a decrease in these crimes.”

In 2023, Cabo residents say they feel safer than they did in 2022.

U.S. State Department Classifies Los Cabos As Safe Travel Destination For Americans

Although local officials have determined that there are still opportunities to make the city safer, it is evident that the work done to date has helped residents feel safer in Los Cabos.

The concerted efforts of many officials are one of the reasons Cabo has remained safe despite violent problems in the northern part of the state.

When you arrive in Cabo, you are as likely to see local police patrolling the streets or even the beaches as you are to see Mexican marines on patrol.

Other places, including Cancun, have also increased their military presence to guard the streets.

Local authorities claim that locals who have participated in safety dynamics and dialogue tables set up by police are also responsible for Cabo’s success.

This helped the government better understand the difficulties communities face in terms of their security.

They were able to improve their security plan thanks to this information.

Cabo’s unique tourist profile may also be the reason it manages to maintain a higher level of security than many other Mexican beach resorts.

In a recent statement, the Cabo hotels’ organization stated that they had no interest in reducing nightly rates.

This was done in an effort to attract “quality tourism.” Although the term may sound a little disparaging, Cabo’s exorbitant prices keep crowds to a minimum, especially during spring break.

Cabo continues to be a safe and quiet resort, thanks to its higher-quality culture, as the deputy prosecutor put it.